Nintendo Switch’s new bet for this 2023 is “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” a video game about to be released. It will be an action and adventure game that will be available worldwide starting May 12 this year.

To the surprise of many fans of the Japanese brand, the price of this new game will reach its cost, not the approximate video games range in the United States of $60 for this console – just over 285,000 Colombian pesos. According to the official site of ‘Nintendo’, it will rise to $ 69 – a little over 327 thousand pesos.

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The new chapter of the epic ‘The Legend of Zelda’ in Colombia will cost 408,900 pesos. This can be purchased from the official Nintendo site by booking your spot when pre-sale is available.

The answer is not official, because this controversy stems from the consumers of the brand. They assume the company is adjusting to the new price standard for video games that other companies like PlayStation and Xbox already have.

According to users on Twitter, there is a possibility that Nintendo will adjust to these new prices for their next release, which will provide a significant boost. This is very much awaited by all fans of the world of video games.

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The trend came with the arrival of next generation consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Game analyst Mat Piscatella explained the phenomenon on his Twitter account: “$59.99 in 2005 is roughly $79 today, so this is a time when the price hike isn’t unreasonable.”

This year brought many surprises, and announcements were made immediately in the video game world. ‘Nintendo Direct’, the annual online event to present all the content and innovations the company brings to the field of video games, has announced some upcoming releases.

Published online on the YouTube platform, the director announced the launch of other highly anticipated video games besides the ‘The Legend of Zelda’ game. We tell you what these are:

A new game full of action and adventure is coming soon. Release date: July 21.

The new version of this game will be available on March 3rd.

One of the most remembered games returns on February 24.

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Finally, one of the most recent announcements is that the Nintendo Switch will add 15 more games from the remembered ‘Game Boy’ to the portable console. With these announcements, 2023 is predicted to be a year full of fun and entertainment from the company.

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