PlayStation announced that all players Gran Turismo 7 will have the opportunity to compete with GT Sophy, a revolutionary AI co-developed by Sony AI and Polyphony Digital. Update 1.29 will add a Gran Turismo Sophy Race Together mode that will bring users of all skill levels to face Sophie. This modality It will only be available for a limited time. and it will be exclusive to PS5 owners.

In accordance with PlayStation BlogMode GT Sophy Race Together consists of four tracks. where players will have to face four GT Sophy cars with different levels of performance. The selected tracks are the Tsukuba track, the Alsace Village track, the Trial Mountain track, and the Suzuka track. PlayStation has confirmed that each event will have gradually increasing difficulty.

While Gran Turismo 7’s “superhuman” AI was designed to compete with the pros, GT Sophy Race Together will be open to beginners, intermediates and experts.. Added to group races, players they will also be able to challenge GT Sophy in 1v1 mode. where both will use the same car with the same tuning configuration. It’s interesting for those who want to improve their time and study the performance of AI designed to make experienced drivers sweat.

GT Sophy, Sony AI and polyphony in Gran Turismo 7

A curious addition is that the GT Sophy cars will respond with emojis to what happens during the race. Race Sophie Gran Turismo will be available from February 21 to the end of March for players Gran Turismo 7 on PS5. You can access it from the top right panel of the map, although you must be at Collector Level 6 to compete.

GT Sophie arrives in Gran Turismo 7 after defeating all GT Sport

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Gran Turismo Sophy debuted a year ago with the promise of head-to-head racing against the professional racers of the popular PlayStation sim. Unlike game AI, Sophie trained with deep reinforcement learning methods.. To achieve this, Sony AI used Sony Interactive Entertainment’s cloud gaming infrastructure, which helped process a significant amount of data.

According to its creators, GT Sophy masters three aspects of the game: physics, driving tactics and competition rules.. First, you need to understand the car’s components and configuration to get the most out of it. The second and third combine the demeanor of a professional racer to know when to overtake or hold back rivals without violating the rules of the race.

Before your announcement Sony engineers trained GT Sophy for a year and a half compete at a professional level Gran Turismo Sport. The work paid off and the AI ​​was able to beat humans in time trials up to 1.5 seconds. Faced with a team of the best pilots GT Sport, Sophie won the qualifying and races.

PlayStation will implement AI as a permanent mode

GT Sophy, Sony AI and polyphony in Gran Turismo 7

Now it’s the turn Gran Turismo 7where experts from Sony AI and Polyphony Digital measure your AI performance. The developers have stated that they will use player feedback in this feature to constantly improve future releases of the mode.

update 1.29 from Gran Turismo 7 will be available from February 21 at 7:00 am (CET). Added to the GT Sophy patch will add a classic Grand Valley with mountainous areas, bridges and tunnels that will appreciate the skill of the pilots. Five new cars will also debut: Honda RA272 ’65, Italdesign EXENEO Vision Gran Turismo (urban and off-road), Citroën DS 21 Pallas ’70 and Porsche 911 Carrera RS (901) ’73.

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