This Tuesday afternoon, the Office of the National Police and Attorney General announced First images of alleged murderer of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci.

The prosecutor was killed this morning at the Decameron Hotel on Baru Island, where the two assassins met. jet ski and his wife, Claudia Aguilera, shot him twice.
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National Police Chief, General Jorge Luis Vargas in Barú, where he received the first report from the investigators Who viewed the hotel’s security cameras?

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With the captured footage, investigators trace a timeline from the moment of the murder to the escape of the assassins.; and in a retrospective trying to determine where they came from on the island and where they could reach after committing the crime.

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The investigation is carried out in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office, which prioritizes the case. For information that will help catch those responsible for the crime, The authorities are offering a reward of 2,000 million pesos.

At 3 pm Paraguayan time, a flight from Asunción to Colombia with a group of agents and investigators Those who support their mission to clarify the death of the prosecutor, a group that already has soldiers from the United States.

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From Bogotá, Dijín traveled five members of the Judicial Police who will be in charge of the case. President Iván Duque asked to be kept informed of progress in the process.

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