After EA announced that it would not renew the license for FIFA, and consequently its sporting name would change to EA SPORTS FC, the organization governing football was not long in coming. To everyone’s surprise, he did so with a certain amount of arrogance, assuming that no need to partner with Electronic Arts continue to be successful in the video game sector.

Probably words about Giani Infantino, the President of FIFA, have opened a new chapter in a story that will no doubt last for several years. Moreover, they imply they don’t think of giving up and that sooner or later they will reappear in this sector:

“I can assure you that the only authentic and authentic game bearing the FIFA name will be the best game available to footballers and fans. The FIFA name is the only global and original name. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 D FIFA 26and so on, the constant is the name FIFA and he will remain forever and will remain the best.”

The manager continued his speech by stating that “the e-sports and interactive gaming sector is on a path of unprecedented growth and diversification” and added: “FIFA’s strategy is to ensure that we can make the most of every opportunity in the future and provide a wide range of products and opportunities for playersfans, member associations and partners.”

Now, from paper to reality there is a world of difference. Does FIFA really have an ace up its sleeve? Or Infantino’s words are meant to lessen the impact of losing his position in the most important entertainment sector.

Looking for a new partner

I think that FIFA dedicate himself to making his own football video game doesn’t make much sense. It is well known that currently to develop a title of this level, regardless of the genre, is a titanic task; even for giant technology companies. In this group, we could talk about Amazon and Google, whose video game efforts have failed miserably, resulting only in economic losses.

But we also have examples of companies that, despite their long history in the video game world, have stumbled. This is the case Konamiwho, in his attempt to replace ESP failed miserably with the launch electronic football. Although this title is constantly improving, the initial damage can no longer be repaired.

The foregoing leads us to believe that the only way FIFA can regain its footing is to find a new partner.. Someone who is well versed in the industry and certainly has some experience with sports titles.

As incredible as it may seem, Konami might be an option. The Japanese fought side by side with FIFA for decades and at one point, many yesterdays ago, they outperformed Electronic Arts’ offering.

Due to the huge spread of football today, the market cares, and very much, about licenses. In other words, you can play with the club and its players, with their uniforms and in their official stadiums. The partnership between Konami and FIFA will further this goal. Of course, this would not be possible with all leagues, as some have exclusive agreements with EA that will remain in place. EA SPORT FC.

2K, a viable option

Un juego de FIFA de 2K

The idea of ​​Konami teaming up with FIFA might sound crazy. However, there is a possible partner that fits the conditions the organization is aiming for: Take-Two interactive.

publisher American, among the many video game companies in its portfolio 2K Sport responsible for NBA2K. The curious story behind this title is that it started out in the shadows. nba live, from Electronic Arts; but after a few years it became the best basketball video game. Its quality and success was so great that EA could not continue to compete and during 2020 they decided to dig the grave nba live.

Except, 2K Games already has a signed deal with the National Football League (NFL). rebuild the football game. It remains to be seen if he can resist Madden NFL —also from EA—.

Undoubtedly, more than one interested party will raise their hands to join FIFA despite their difficult demands. In fact, it is possible that the International Football Federation is already in some kind of negotiations, since it will be until 2023 when your license will be completely free. This year we can still enjoy FIFA 23 along with the contents of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Source: Hiper Textual

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