While awaiting regulatory approval to purchase Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has confirmed that it does not intend to convert call of Duty in an exclusive Xbox game. This was stated by Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, in a recent interview with the publication Xbox on.

The Xbox executive once again dismissed the idea that buying Activision Blizzard was a danger to competition. An argument that is largely fueled by Sony and its alleged fear that those from Redmond will be removed call of Duty from PlayStation.

Spencer assured that non-exclusivity call of Duty on Xbox does not respond only to what is popular shooter war continues to be published on other platforms, but also reach out to everyone on equal terms. That is, without differences in terms of game modes and available content.

“We want to increase the number of places where people can play call of Duty […]. We have entered into a number of special agreements with Nintendo and NVIDIA to enable games to appear in more places. And you certainly won’t make the game bigger by taking it away from those who play it today,” the Xbox leader said.

Recall that last week Microsoft officially entered into a 10-year agreement with Nintendo. go call of Duty to the switch. Until Xbox games for PC are added to the GeForce Now catalog, the subscription platform is owned by NVIDIA.

Both ads were listed as publicity stunt win the support of two heavyweights and oppose Sony’s proposals. But it’s a reality that today they’re stepping up Phil Spencer’s speech to get the Activision Blizzard acquisition approved.

“When we talk about ‘available everywhere’ or ‘non-exclusive’ it’s because we want to make the best version of call of Duty for all gamers on any platform,” added the Microsoft executive.

Xbox strengthens its position that it does not want exclusivity in call of Duty

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Phil Spencer argued that the key to transferring call of Duty on as many platforms as possible is to provide the same experience. Without limiting content or even features that could be considered secondary. And to portray this, he threw at Hogwarts legacy:

“Today I am sitting here with a great game that has come out in the last few weeks: Hogwarts legacy. And yes, there is a quest that is available on the PlayStation and not on the Xbox. I know it’s part of the industry, but that’s not the game we’re trying to play here. is not leather not in weapons, not in any game mode. the same version of the game [Call of Duty] it will be available on all platforms, which we are already doing. If you play Minecraft on PlayStation, I don’t think you will feel like you have a bad version. [a la de Xbox]. And the same goes for minecraft dungeonor with legendswhich will be available as soon as it is released.

Phil Spencer’s future statements call of Duty They appeared a few days after the Microsoft presentation in Brussels. There, Redmond’s representatives sent a strong signal to regulators in both the European Union and the United Kingdom as to why they should approve the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

President of Microsoft Brad Smithassured that vetoing the acquisition would not help competition, but rather will further consolidate Sony’s power over the sector. In addition, he made it clear that he was selling Activision – which means call of Dutyis not a concession they are willing to make.

“If you are a British CMA you will have to make a decision. Do you want to make a deal and strengthen Sony’s position with its 80% share in the European Union or 70% share in the world in a market where it has been the dominant company for 20 years? Or do you want the future to move forward with protective measures and proposals to bring that title to another 150 million people? I think this is a fundamental choice that most regulators around the world will have to make,” he said.

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