love life Shakira It continues to give people something to talk about on the most consulted entertainment portals on the planet. And Barranquillera, his His emotional state has not been good since leaving Gerard Piqué, former FC Barcelona player.

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However, it cannot be denied as a result of the media coverage that caused their breakup. He is having one of his best moments professionally. So he settled with his children in the United States, a country where he participated in several interviews, including an interview with iconic comedian Jimmy Fallon.

That moment, although he lived his dramatic moment in tears, it was also an opportunity to meet old friends, such as ‘The Voice USA’ presenter Carson Daly.Accompanied by the New York Islander hockey game.

A meeting that wouldn’t have mattered much if it wasn’t for the relationship that had united them for several years.

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Now, although Internet users are very good friends They didn’t hesitate to guess that they were both engaged in a love affair. Because of the emotional state that Barranquillera went through.

But the truth is that their friendship has a history of more than 20 years and since then Daly was one of the most recognizable faces of American television during his time on ‘MTV’.‘, that is, a romance between celebrities was completely denied. At least not without the protagonist of a new international scandal, as the communicator has been married to Siri Pinter since 2015.

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Source: Exame

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