Steam and Epic Games, Two of the most important stores in the world for buying video games online have always given something to talk about because of the great competition. Although it was common a few years ago players computer was to enter Steam, Epic Games According to some internet users, it came up with more accessible and complete content.

This platform gains followers and fans
for a few games with special offers, but above all thanks to free titles that are updated every year from acceptable quality to outstanding quality.

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Fortnite, For example, it is the game that breaks all stereotypes about a paid product, because its novelty makes it one of the best due to its versatility and maneuverability. 2017the year it was published, in one of the ‘hitters’ most consumed by viewers.

In the same way, he decided to strike another blow on the table and included in the virtual store A new way to get to know and test games that don’t belong to them but give junior developers a chance to start building a background in the environment.It will cost $100 to make these companies aware of their game, but there are two basic conditions:

This last factor has been the point different from other stores.because SteamWorks only works with Steam and cross game It is not a mandatory requirement for Valve, but it is very important for the EPIC Games store that its users can share such games with other people.

This because he has a lot of unique and unique titles at his disposal. Famous among them ‘Counter Strike’ Nearly fifteen years after its launch, it remains its most profitable production.

Likewise, there is more than one three thousand games in its catalog and as an interesting fact, it stays more up to date 75 million active accountsTo enable its users to enjoy free games and exclusive games with a huge number of offers up to 1000. 80% discountthat’s how Valve, The American video game company has managed to captivate for more than 10 years. 20 years to the audience.

Market wars will never stop and therefore We have some differences that can help you choose the best one.

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It can be said that the decision as to which is the best is entirely up to the user’s taste, as these two video game catalogs are very different in one way or another; in one you can find a large catalog with several PC classics, It’s like Steam, but if you’re looking for free games, updates, and refreshes of their best titles every month, you should choose Epic Games.

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