There were ambulances, a police patrol and a few bystanders. But little is known about the serious traffic accident that occurred at dawn on a holiday Monday. 20 March in Barranquilla.

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According to a video or two circulating the net, the accident occurred on Calle 84 with the Carrera 52, in the exclusive El Golf district, around 4am. In the photos you can see the overturned car and the driver’s door open, along with the clothes, charger and personal items.

According to the police, they already arrived at the scene. Just because the car was damaged, it’s a tow truck that his driver says will take care of everything.

The driver’s breath could not be measured as it was lifted by someone seconds ago.‘ said a witness.

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EL TIEMPO analyzed the videos it published Accidentes Barranquilla 2 digital portal and managed to detect that the overturned car is a Mercedes Benz, model 2023about 280 million pesos. The license plate of the wrecked car appears to be LPP-019 and a close friend of former Senator Merlano, who was recently deported from Venezuela..

It is about Esteban José Manzaneda Merlano, his son who appears to be the sole owner of the luxury ‘black night’ sedan.

The vehicle appears to be registered at Villa del Rosario, It’s north of Santander, very close to the Venezuelan border.

And he records a fine dated March 14, 2023 for blocking the road with his vehicle. The fine was 522,000 pesos, awarded to the former senator’s son at Carrera 51 and Calle 82, very close to where he crashed last Monday.

Traffic Police so far do not know who was in the luxury car at the time of the accident.

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Neither the former senator nor his daughter Aida Victoria referred to the case. In fact, as EL TIEMPO predicted this weekend, the former fugitive had a procedure scheduled this Tuesday in front of the Prosecutor’s Office.

In fact, Merlano also did not decide on the sound revealed by EL TIEMPO. and that they rewarded him when large sums of money were requested and alleged ties to the ‘Gulf clan’ were mentioned.

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Source: Exame

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