Microsoft Defender is now also available as an app for smartphones, so it’s not just your Windows PC that provides protection against viruses. This falls under Microsoft Defender for individuals, which is also part of certain subscriptions. What happened?

The new security suite for individuals, called Microsoft Defender, is part of the Microsoft 365 Family and Personal plans and protects not only your PC or Mac, but also your iOS and Android device against viruses.

Defender’s functions differ by device. There is no antivirus on an iPhone or iPad, Defender only protects against phishing on web pages. Android devices have antivirus protection and you can run a scan to detect dangerous apps.

All your security suites in one place

In all versions of Defender you have a personal dashboard where you can learn about the security status of your computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

And this is helpful considering you probably use different security software on different devices. For example, your computer can be protected with Norton and your tablet with MacAfee. By connecting these third-party security suites to Defender, you can instantly monitor all your devices.

“People often use different security products to keep your personal information private and your data safe,” Microsoft said. “All of these products use their own methods of monitoring security risks and managing devices. This fragmentation makes it difficult to track all online threats.”

Defender for individuals provides protection for multiple devices and provides tips for closing security vulnerabilities. The central management application also continuously scans your data and devices for threats and provides notification in case of threats and risks. If your devices are at risk, the tool will give you some tips to solve the dangers.

Worth it?

Defender will not be a reason for most users to purchase the 365 Family & Personal subscription. Without one of these subscriptions, you will not be able to use Microsoft’s service even after you try it for 30 days.

The software is a useful extra, primarily for learning more about the security status of most of your devices. With the 365 Personal plan, you can add up to five devices to the Defender for Individuals dashboard. That’s up to thirty devices simultaneously with the family offer.

You pay 7.00 Euro per month for Personal subscription to 365 and 10.00 Euro per month for Family plan. You not only get Defender, but also cloud storage, use of Microsoft Office services like Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and various other extras. You can read everything you need to know about Office 365 subscriptions in another article.

Source: Computer Totaal

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