The complaint of an 18-year-old girl, who went out by partying in the sector known as this holiday bridge, was recorded. “block game”a discotheque Bukaramanga.

When he wanted to return home, he stopped a taxi on the road at calle 48 at carrera 33 and on his way to the summit, in Floridablanca, the driver stopped near the heat exchanger Fatima.

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There, the driver allegedly forced him to get off and hand over all his belongings.

The young woman gave her cell phone to the taxi driver. The man asked her to give him more material things, he said that he had nothing else of value, not even silver.

Although the man had nothing, he touched every part of her body whenever he had the chance, under the pretext that he was looking for material to put between his clothes.

After groping her, he threatened her with death. “He took your cell phone, threatened to kill him, he just he was carrying the ID wallet, he started to touch it, he started searching, he said he would kill him if he didn’t let him. and left him lying in that area,” said the victim’s mother, “Milena.”

The parent said anxiously that these were the worst moments for her daughter as she thought she was going to die.

Source: Exame

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