Smart speakers with Alexa, especially the Echo series from Amazon, have become indispensable items in a smart home. These devices combine the experience of a Bluetooth speaker with a virtual assistant-powered command center.

Right now, Amazon sells four models of the accessory in Brazil: the 3rd and 4th generation Echo Dot, the 4th generation Echo and the Echo Studio.. Despite the different visuals, the quartet has very similar suggestions.

But there is a common question among consumers: “Which is the loudest Amazon smart speaker?” Later Technology World answers this question and presents the details of the product.

After all… Which smart speaker with Alexa has the loudest volume?

According to Amazon, Echo Studio is the “most powerful sounding” smart speaker in the Echo series. The smart speaker, which has a different design from the Echo Dot and Echo variants, has a structure designed to offer a complete sound experience.

While retaining many features from other versions of the accessory, this device has several unique elements. Discover the differences of Echo Studio:

three-dimensional sound

The structure of Echo Studio has been improved to deliver amplified sound.

One of the interesting features of Echo Studio is, Extensive, immersive sound with a maximum range of 330 W. For this, the device has five speakers positioned at different angles, creating an enveloping sound atmosphere.

Producing clear mids and highs, the speaker features three mid-range speakers, two on the sides and a third on the top, and a front tweeter. The woofer at the bottom is oriented into a special opening that enhances the bass.

The strategic placement of the Echo Studio’s speakers makes for more immersive listening. Also, streaming services subscribers, Lossless HD audio and Dolby Atmos support.

Amazon’s smart speaker even has spatial audio tech adapted to rooms. Thus, the device automatically analyzes the acoustics of the environment and creates the playback settings to deliver the best sound to the users.

The hub for smart homes

Besides being a smart home hub, the Echo Studio can replace audio equipment.

More than a strong speaker, Echo Studio is an Alexa-powered smart home hub. Thus, the virtual assistant helps control other devices integrated into the network by responding to users’ voice commands.

For example, the person may be listening to music while cooking and ask Alexa to set a 5-minute timer. For example, a smart speaker can replace a soundbar equipment when paired with a smart TV.

Another highlight is Echo Studio’s privacy control. It has several layers of security according to the brand. In addition to the microphone mute button at the top of the smart speaker, owners have full control over their audio recordings.

Advantages of a premium smart speaker

The premium option of Amazon’s Echo series, Echo Studio is a smart speaker model complete with Alexa.. That being said, it’s an essential piece for anyone who owns a smart home in their spare time and values ​​quality sound.

What’s more, the accessory can be easily paired with other Amazon devices such as Fire TV Stick dongles. Finally, the approximately 20 cm high accessory adds a modern touch to any decor.

And there? Would Echo Studio have a place in your home? Share this content with anyone who wants to know which smart speaker has the loudest volume!

Image: Echo Studio
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Echo Studio has 5 speakers that produce powerful bass and clear highs. It has the key features of previous models and Alexa as well as having a larger size.

Source: Tec Mundo

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