For followers Quentin Tarantino Perhaps this is one of the most anticipated projects in the director’s work. For several years there has been a possibility that the extended version Hateful Eight Coming to Netflix as a mini-series. After the platform pitched the idea, that moment has finally not arrived yet.

In accordance with Vanity Fairplatform Mr. streaming the first season of the extended version will be available to its users Hateful Eight. This will be from April 25 this year. For now, this will only be for US subscribers. The original film will also be available on the same day.

Hateful Eight It was released in 2015 with a total running time of 167 minutes. The film, which was nominated for various awards in various categories, has the following synopsis:

“A few years after the Civil War, bounty hunter John Ruth travels with his fugitive Daisy Domergue to Red Rock, where Ruth will bring the woman to justice. Along the way, they meet Marquis Warren, a former Union soldier, and Chris Mannix, a goon who claims to be the sheriff. The four take shelter from a blizzard on a mountain pass, where they meet four more unidentified persons. There, eight travelers will find that they may not reach Red Rock.”

Hateful Eight
and extended version of Quentin Tarantino

The Hateful Eight is a film by Quentin Tarantino.

In 2019, Quentin Tarantino himself spoke about the idea of ​​​​creating a mini-series and the offer he received from Netflix. IN slashfilmthe director explained:

“Netflix contacted us and said:Hey, if you’re wondering if there’s more footage, (and) if you’re interested in putting it together so we can show it in three or four episodes, depending on how much bonus material you have, we be ready to do it.“,

Quentin Tarantino to slashfilm.

The proposal took the director by surprise. At the time, he described his experience as follows:

“I thought: ‘wow this is really intriguing‘. I mean that the film exists as a film. But if I were to use all of the footage we shot and see if I could put it together as a sequence, I’d be willing to give it a try.”

Quentin Tarantino to slashfilm.

In the same interview, Quentin Tarantino explained that the experience gained from editing a work on Hateful Eight, varies from what the viewer was able to enjoy in the cinema. Recalling and describing part of the work, the director said:

“About a year after its release, maybe a little less, my publisher Fred Raskin and I got together, and then we worked very hard. We divided the film into 50 minute chunks and easily got four episodes.. We don’t re-release everything from scratch, but we do re-release a lot and it works differently.”

Quentin Tarantino to slashfilm.

How much could change? According to Quentin Tarantino, it depends on the piece being viewed and the relationships established. It is said about this:

“Some episodes are more like a movie than others, but it has a different feel.. It has a special feel that I really like. And (already) there was a literary aspect movie anyway, so it definitely has the quality of “chapter development”

Quentin Tarantino to slashfilm.

In addition to the original version Hateful EightYesin 2015 another one was also introduced, road show 70mm, which was presented only in some rooms. The duration of this was 187 minutes. According to the director in 2019, each chapter of the miniseries that will be available on Netflix for US subscribers (so far) will be approximately 50 minutes long.

Source: Hiper Textual

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