The Picnic Stereo Festival kicked off on Thursday, March 23 at the Briceño 18 Golf Course. The event brings together great guest artists like Twenty One Pilots, Drake, The Chemical Brothers, Billie Eilish, Morat to this year’s event.

Canadian rapper drake He took advantage of his time in Bogotá to use the public transport service, a sensation among his followers.

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The artist, who has 133 million followers on her Instagram account, shared a photo while on a trip that looks like TransMilenio.

This image was replicated by several fans on social networks and received comments such as “What do I have in common with Drake: We ride SITP”, “And Tame Impala eats wafers”, “How strong would it be to say”. “I rode SITP with Drake” I Wish”, “humble champagne moments daddy”.

The photo became so popular that the official TransMilenio account made a meme using Drake’s picture, promoting proper use of the system.

Drake’s presentation will take place on the Johnnie Walker stage on Friday, March 24.

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Pamela Avendano

Source: Exame

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