Usually earthquake occurs for purely geological reasons. That is, by the movement of continental plates along the edges of a hole known as refusal. However, the improvement of detection systems in recent decades has made it possible to detect much weaker shocks, the origin of which is not related to this, but rather to human activity. This is what is sometimes called induced seismicity and this can range from filling or emptying a reservoir to pumping liquid into the ground. Also, small jolts can come from something as curious as a football team winning.

This type of seismicity began to be studied by detecting shocks in places that practically do not show seismic activity due to the absence of faults. Or because of his low activity. In cases like that in a football stadium, the tremor can be detected using seismographs, but too weak for anyone to feel the earthquake. However, in other cases, such as in reservoirs, a small earthquake may be felt.

And these are just two examples. In fact, there are several more and they are all the most curious. In fact, the one in the football stadium isn’t the only amazing one.

When the euphoria of the fans makes the earth shake

If many people jump at the same time, it may cause small earthquake. This has actually been confirmed by experiments done to see what would happen to our planet if all its inhabitants jumped at the same time.

But it also happened quite spontaneously in football stadiums. For example, in 2017, after the historic return of FC Barcelona against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League match, seismographs Institute of Geosciences Jaume Almerais in 500 meters from Camp Nou, several small shocks were detected with each target. The first ones were barely noticeable. However, the sixth goal, which left the score in 6-1 and lifted Barça to the quarter-finals, caused a much more obvious thrill.

The concussion was due to a crowd of 100,000 people jumping at almost the same time as the goal celebration. Sergi Roberto. The geologists who measured the seismic activity posted the results on social media out of curiosity. However, they also stated that it could be useful as measurements would help better understand how seismic waves propagate.

Tanks causing an earthquake

In January 2003, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.3 was recorded in the city of Ricobayo in Zamora. In addition, several aftershocks followed. This is not a seismic zone. In fact, it is considered one of the most seismically stable in the Iberian Peninsula. For this reason, the tremors attracted the attention of geologists, who did not hesitate to study this case.

The investigation concluded that the pressure generated emptying and filling a nearby tank this caused movement around the fault that does not normally generate seismic activity. This is not the first time this has happened, as induced seismicity is often associated with reservoirs.

storage tank
Jonathan Bean (Unsplash)

trembling bells

Seismographs usually place in quiet placesto avoid possible interference. And what could be quieter than a village church?

This is what the geologists who placed one of these instruments in the church Saint Mary Montmagastrell, in Lleida. However, they immediately confirmed that there was something causing seismic activity at these sites: chimes.

is not perceptible earthquake. However, acoustic waves were transformed into vibrations recorded by seismographs. This caught the attention of researchers who decided to place more devices in churches in countries such as Italy, France or Greeceto compare the generated activity. It would not only help to see the cultural differences in how bells are rung. It can also help identify differences in soil characteristics at each site. This is what also interferes with the movement of the waves, so this was a good way to test it.

Bruce Springsteen Earthquake

In 2016 Bruce Springsteen started his European tour in Barcelona. Nails 65,000 people met at the Camp Nou to host the artist. And scientists again Institute of Geosciences Jaume Almera They analyzed the generated seismic movements.

Curiously, the beginning of each song could be discerned by studying the jolts picked up by these instruments. Two of them caused the greatest seismic activity. Dancing in the dark And scream, because they were the ones who made the audience jump the most. Again, it should be noted that this was not a major earthquake. These are small shocks, imperceptible to the population and safe for urban structures. However, it’s curious how far an excited crush can go to see their idols.

Earthquake weapon

In 1961 United States Army built a chemical weapons arsenal in the Rocky Mountains, near Denver. They were introduced into the ground at a depth of 3600 meters to protect the population.

But what they didn’t expect was that fluid pressurewhich were also highly corrosive, would change the structure of the rocks and eventually cause more than 700 earthquakes. In this case, considered as a typical example of induced seismicity, they were felt by the population, even exceeding 4 points.

As a rule, induced seismicity does not cause big earthquakesthat pose a danger. While it is true that there are studies that suggest that the one that occurred in Lorca in 2011 this may have been caused by decades of groundwater extraction. It exceeded 5 points and really did a lot of damage. Therefore, it is important to study what human phenomena can provoke a strong earthquake. It is clear that some shocks cannot be prevented, while others can. You just need to know what causes them.

Source: Hiper Textual

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