Since that time Elon Musk By purchasing Twitter a few months ago, it was announcing radical changes to the platform that the millions of users who are part of the social network might not like. in the last hour‘premium’ version launched in Colombiabut less than 24 hours later, there are already thousands of complaints about its high price.

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The monthly subscription came to the country quietly and without ads, but at a pretty high value, Due to inflation and the price of the dollar skyrocketing. However, those who pay the annual membership fee will receive a 13 percent discount.

Twitter Blue then became a tool that offers its users special functions never before seen on the platform: longer character trills.

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the service has a cost 404 thousand pesos per yearwhat would it be 38 thousand pesos per month in desktop format. For its part, the iOS and Android version can be purchased for:and 52 thousand pesos a monthso, 554,900 pesos per year.

Among the tools the ‘app’ offers to ‘premium’ users will be Edit trills up to five times in 30 minutes, Upload 1080p (Full HD) video up to 60 minutes (web only), type longer trills (up to 4,000 characters long) and set the profile photo with an NFT.

To this is added that they will be reduced to some extent. 50 percent of ads in videos or drag screen are displayed when viewing content. Likewise, those that have been verified to combat scams and spam will rank high in search engines and bets.

Reading mode would be another advantage: “We designed the Reading Mode so you can enjoy your threads with less noise.” This will be at the top of the story where you can change the font size to your liking.

Finally, trill change before it is seen by the audience that follows or shares it. Eyelash! Because this will be a preview before releasing it to the general public.

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Source: Exame

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