“I want to apologize to you. I am so sorry that I let this situation get to this point and that I let our friendship down. “I work 24/7 and advise everyone to offer a real solution.”

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this one Messages starting to reach the cell phones of economists, engineers, jewelers, show businessmen, the husband of a television presenter. and even the son of a former president.

all visible List of victims of an opaque recruiting business that has struck the Bogota elite and a respected family devoted to breeding fighting bulls for decades.

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A private equity club is already evaluating the issuance of the partner, whom they say defrauded them 38 billion pesos, without taking into account the interest on the debts. But the case goes further, and authorities are investigating whether an illegal fundraising case for more than a decade was behind the scandal in the Creole ‘jet set’.

hero of this story Felipe Miguel Rocha Medina, member of the well-known Rocha dynasty, is linked to the Achury Viejo fighting bull farm.

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They say one of their uncles is inside. same military academy in New York as former President Donald Trump.

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Other members of the family also excel in the world of fashion and even real estate and floristry.

However Felipe Rocha is said to secretly manage a private fund with limited quotas where he recruits people who want to invest and earn with their beef cattle..

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“Promises to return Because he provides the land, the veterinarian and the inputs. I wanted to visit the pastures to see the oxen he said he had bought, but all I could think of were videos (see eltiempo.com) and some accounts we don’t know where they came from today.A businessman who declared that he cheated told EL TIEMPO.

it is estimated that There are more than 80 investors in the fund and their contributions range from 25 million pesos to 1,500 million pesos.

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Another of the victims, although cows exist, When Felipe got hung up on segmenting the information and paying the returns, they began to suspect something was up.

“He segmented the investors in the group he was traveling to Anapoima by motorcycle; those of the Anglo Colombiano school; those from the club and those in the group I rode in. He convinced us all that we had the privilege of getting to the bottom of Felipe”, He assured a young businessman trying to save nearly 200 million pesos.

Although Rocha covered up the scandal for months, In January, some members of the fund complained that refunds were not being referred to them.

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at that moment, Rocha sent an email saying she had a few issues with Dian.

But in a social act, On March 8, several of the investors met at the El Nogal club and discovered – as W Radio explained – that friend Rocha’s debt deficit, including default interest, is already around 70 billion pesos.

Some They declared themselves placid, as they had a document with Rocha as a partner of the agricultural company Achury Viejo y Cia. S en C., pResponsible for “returning startup capital plus profits to investors”.

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And there it is added: “In the event that something extraordinary happens to me and I am responsible for these investments, the person responsible will be the proxy legal representative of the company in question.”

EL TIEMPO found that Felipe Rocha Marulanda, Felipe Rocha’s father and legal representative of that firm, has been investigating and identifying since 2007. he gave up his stake in that company as the managing partner and today only his children are in charge of the shares.

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But, Felipe’s mother, María Francisca Medina de Rocha, continues to appear as managing partner and thus legal representative Who will have to answer these debts?

EL TIEMPO has accessed several chats where Felipe Rocha has instructed that the money he collects be sent on behalf of that company.registers assets for only 11,251 million pesos.

“Good morning, how’s it going? Let me know when the transfer is finished. Achury Viejo Farm, savings account number…”, read one of the chats It was sent at 8:14 a.m. on the morning of February 9, just as business exploded.

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a few Those conversations are in the hands of the famous criminal lawyer Fabio Humar. representing most of the victims of the upper class.

Despite Humar has been timid on the matter, with those close to the case claiming that Felipe Rocha’s mother has already received multiple claims. for his son’s business.

they attribute it toTwo weeks ago, when Rocha decided to seek legal advice from a law firm, several relatives came to the meeting. including her mother.

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that is still Cannabis crops and agricultural investments specialist accused of taking commissions does not appear for taking customers to Felipe Rocha.

and despite The firm that represents him, Riveros Bazzani Abogados SAS, did not want to make a statement, as this newspaper found that they were planning to liquidate some of the family properties. establish total assets and liabilities and initiate payment arrangements.

“They already warned us One of the affected said that some of us cannot get all the money back and they don’t know how long this process will take.

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And added, However, it is believed that many of the investors did not disclose the capital injection into Felipe Rocha’s fund to Dian and therefore would not claim their money.

still what No one can explain where the money collected over the years went.

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They said piece close to the family, there may be some cases that appear active in court against members of the Rocha Medina group.

There are bank transactions, former workers and even their own family members who went to court due to border issues and a dispute over a magnificent plot.

Which What is striking is that while Felipe Rocha’s fund was already in operation, he and two of his relatives bought two apartments at 2451 Brickell Avenue in Miami. At Brickell Townhouse.

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Someone The luxury properties appear to have been purchased on paper for $140,000, which was about 665 million pesos at the time (2010). The other was traded in 2019 for $315,211, about 1,497 million pesos.The second continues to appear under the name Felipe Rocha, while the other was sold on May 25, 2022.

“They are a rich family.. Felipe has always ridden in luxury cars, worn brand watches and spent his time traveling. Therefore, we never notice a change in the rhythm of life. Three weeks ago, on a friend’s birthday, at the Mesa de Yeguas club in Anapoima., admitted to us that the business exploded. This was the final blow. But he didn’t say why it broke,” he said.

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and if it’s good On March 30, there was a kind of silence agreement waiting for Rocha’s lawyers to propose a solution, one of the affected decided to go to the media.

“I was demanding this Before March 30, they returned their investment of 25 million pesos with one of Felipe’s bikes.. The incident was leaked because they did not agree,” he said.

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Finally, The issue had such an impact that the Financial Inspectorate launched an investigation into an alleged tier 6 pyramid and some investors. They have already decided to go to the prosecutor’s office to help them get their money back.

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