This Mozilla launched this Tuesday (5) Beta version of Firefox 100 for Android, the first three-digit version of the traditional open-source browser. It comes out a few days after the arrival of the now public centennial version of Google Chrome.

While the Rival brings many new features in its latest update, including a redesigned icon, a shortcut to mute tabs, and the end of Simple Mode, the update Mozilla browser it comes with a few changes, at least in the version of the search giant’s mobile system. The main Enable HTTPS by defaultto increase security.

with the mode “HTTPS onlyWhen enabled on the mobile version, the browser starts to prioritize secure access to websites, as it already does on the desktop. This protocol is known to encrypt the connection and prevent other users on the same network from accessing your data and viewed pages.

If the user visits a website that does not support HTTPS, Firefox 100 beta displays a warning informing you of the risks and advising the Internet user not to open that page due to lack of security. However, the software will still offer the ability to access it using the older, less secure HTTP protocol.

Stable release scheduled for May

for now, Firefox centennial edition only available to those who are part of the browser beta program on Android. You need to download the version to test nightly browser and install the latest build.

stable version Mozilla Firefox 100 It is scheduled to be generally available on all platforms on May 3. It is estimated that it will have a few new features such as support. hardware accelerated AV1 codecIt is used by Netflix and other platforms, which are famous for energy and data savings.

Source: Tec Mundo

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