He E3 2023 seems to go from slap to slap. Ubisoft confirmed its absence from the video game show yesterday, although it was expected to be one of the main exhibitors. And bad news doesn’t stop the organizers, because SEGA and Tencent will also not be participating in the event..

That’s how he makes sure IGN, having previously communicated with representatives of both companies. From ESA, the firm in charge of the organization, they have not confirmed any new absences, but the outlook is bleak. A little more than two months after the June 13 launch, uncertainty is mounting.

When SEGA, the decision not to participate in E3 2023 was communicated in a brief statement. “After careful consideration, we have decided not to participate in E3 2023 as an exhibitor. We look forward to sharing more information about announced and unannounced projects in the future.”

While tencentthe above report mentions that decided to cancel the appearance of Level Infinite, its gaming publishing division. And this is not a minor detail, given that the Chinese firm is the most profitable video game company in the world.

The future of E3 2023 is getting bleaker

E3 2023

As SEGA and Tencent are also getting out of the boat, the list of companies that have opted out of E3 2023 keep adding strong names. Let’s remember that Nintendo, one of the last allies of the organizers, announced a few weeks ago that they would not participate. And then it was confirmed that the Xbox will also not be present on the site. Sony’s absence is the least conspicuous given that PlayStation hasn’t visited the show since 2018.

Apart from console manufacturers, the situation is also very difficult. Yesterday, Ubisoft not only announced that she will not be at E3 2023, but will also present their news at their own event scheduled for June 12th. Since SEGA and Tencent have also turned their backs on him, no one dares to predict How far will the exodus of women publishers go?. IGN He mentions that he thinks more companies in the sector are planning to skip the meeting in the California lands, but they haven’t made it official yet.

It was said that, There are also rumors that E3 2023 may be cancelled.. There is even speculation that the announcement could be released this week. Here’s how he put it Andy Robinsonowner and publisher VGK, one of the most respected media in the sector. “It’s often hard to separate fact from conjecture at E3, but it’s no wonder I don’t hear anything good. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets canceled this week, but I hope not. I feel very sorry for those behind this, who did everything they were asked to do.” tweeted.

It is clear that the last word has not yet been said. But the E3 fiasco is exacerbated by a notable rise in expectations surrounding events Geoff Keighley. In fact, their Summer Game Fest is taking place this year on June 8th; that is, one week before the ESA show.

We will have to be attentive to what happens in the coming days, but the outlook around E3 2023 is anything but bright. And while many expressed regret over the possible failure of this historic event, Kaylee himself seems to take great pleasure in it..

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