Sony is working on a new portable PlayStation. However, the device will represent a completely different concept than what we knew at the time with the PSP or PS Vita. The thing is, if the information is correct, the device will work more like a PS5 accessory than a standalone console.

As reported by Tom Henderson of Insider Gamesa proposed portable PlayStation was speculated to be in development. exclusively for the use of Remote Play.

This would mean that the device, known internally as the Q Lite, would not allow you to play titles either natively or via the cloud. Rather, it will look to expand the capabilities of technologies designed to bring PS5 games to other devices. Be it a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The report indicates that the console it will be very similar to the DualSense controller, but with an 8-inch LCD touch screen.. At least, this is the design that was chosen for the first prototypes of the Japanese company. The hardware will also have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback just like the PS5 controller. And it will offer built-in speakers, a headphone jack, and physical volume buttons.

As for performance, there is little data. Alleged PlayStation Portable Will Support PS5 Game Streaming at Resolutions up to 1080p and 60fps. In addition, it will require a permanent Internet connection.

Will Remote Play be compelling enough technology to entice gamers to buy such a device? It’s hard to say today, but everything suggests that if Sony actually works on this type of team, its success will depend very much on how competitive its price is.

The next PlayStation portable will be for the exclusive use of Remote Play.

PlayStation portable
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Portable game consoles are enjoying a moment of great attention caused by Steam Deck. There are already several brands that have released similar devices that basically function like PDAs and stand out for their performance at affordable prices. If the Japanese really want to revive their handheld gaming presence, it won’t be easy for them.

Henderson says a new PlayStation handheld designed for Remote Play will be part of Sony’s next big announcement. According to their sources, the device will be presented between PS5 Slimwhich, according to rumors, we could see this year, and PS5 Prowhich could be released by the end of 2024.

Thus, if the information is reliable, the Japanese can deliver three new console models within a little over a year. Of course, both the rumors about the new portable PlayStation, and the Slim and Pro versions of the PlayStation 5. should be taken with a grain of salt. But it is clear that the expectation for the expansion of the Asian hardware catalog is growing day by day.

This is a reality that the Japanese have recently taken advantage of to promote Remote Play capabilities more actively. However, it’s still curious that Sony has returned to the drawing board to develop the PlayStation portable with this technology in mind.

For years, fans have dreamed of Sony trying out a PSP or PS Vita style device again. These consoles marked their time and are still remembered with great fondness. And while the supposed Q Lite wouldn’t be exactly the same, could mean the return of the PlayStation to the portable world after over 10 years..

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