Kazakhstan forces Russians who are coming for a long period of time to have a passport with them. Without it, it will be impossible to issue a permanent residence permit in the country.

Kazakhstan forces long-term Russians to have a passport

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan has introduced changes to the rules for the permanent residence of foreigners on the territory of the state. Now, for foreigners who have been coming to the country for a long time, it will not be enough to present an internal Russian passport.

At the time of arrival, the validity of the passport must be at least 180 days.

The measure is aimed at ensuring that foreigners do not register at non-existent addresses and those that are not related to them, the Kazakhstan Ministry of Interior explained.

Now, to obtain a residence permit, the owner of the home where the foreigner intends to settle must be present when submitting the application, but the owner’s notarial consent will suffice, the department said.

In January, Kazakhstan abolished the so-called vizaran for foreigners and placed a restriction on the length of stay for immigrants: they can now only stay there for 90 days out of 180 days.

According to the border service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, in 2022, Russians made 2.7 million trips to Kazakhstan.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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