7 Puzzle Games on Apple Arcade

Discover hidden patterns and challenge your mind with our puzzle games available on Apple Arcade.

Browse the best Apple Arcade puzzle games and find the perfect one for you

do you like jigsaw puzzles and looking for new options to test your skills? look no further best puzzle games on apple arcade. This platform a wide range of options for all tastes and difficulty levels and is perfect for: Exercise your mind and relax after a long day.

This jigsaw puzzles has always been a popular way to pass the time and apple market You’ll find a wide variety of options, from classic challenges to more creative and complex options.

Each of these titles has its own style and personalitywith great graphics and one smooth gameplay this will keep you hooked for hours.

If you are passionate puzzle style video games Or are you just looking for a new hobby? apple market is the ideal place for you.

7 Most Addictive Puzzle Games on Apple Arcade

  • Combine With Care
  • millstone
  • assets
  • patterned
  • Where Cards Drop
  • hue
  • Magical World
  • Simon’s Cat Story Time

You can see below Apple Arcade puzzles It will test your mental abilities and train your neurons, let’s get started!

Combine With Care

Unleash your emotional repair skills in Assemble with Care

Unleash your emotional repair skills in Assemble with Care

Inside Combine With CareYou will play Maria, a object corrector who came to the small Italian town of Bellariva to work in her friend Elena’s workshop.

The plot evolves through the rebuilding of materials you need to make. disassemble and repair broken objects cameras, radios, etc. In addition, you will have to listen to the stories of the owners of the objects and solve their personal problems.

This Apple Arcade video game, beautiful design and relaxing soundtrackPerfect for those looking for a calm and rewarding gaming experience.


Challenge your puzzle skills with Grindstone

Challenge your puzzle skills with Grindstone

millstone is a puzzle and strategy game where you control Jorj, a warrior you must face. hordes of monsters in levels full of obstacles.

your target Cuts enemies of the same color with chains get points and create combos, which allows you to collect grinding stones and progress in the game.

As you progress, the puzzles become more complex and you will need to use special abilities to solve them. Defeat the enemies and unlock new levels.

Together addictive game design and visually impressive, millstone It has become one of the best Apple Arcade games.


Perspective will be the key to completing Possessions

Perspective will be the key to completing Possessions

assets this is a 3D minimalist puzzle game challenging you Solve puzzles in messy environments to reveal the secrets of objects lost in time.

your target find the right perspective of objects to put them in their place while learning the story of a family.

Best of all, there is no time limit so you can enjoy the game at your own pace. Additionally, the graphics are impressive and the soundtrack is captivating.


Explore the universe of patterns: an image to inspire you

Explore the universe of patterns: an image to inspire you

patterned A relaxing and visually appealing puzzle game from Apple Arcade. aim Complete patterns on a grid by swiping and rotating colored pieces so they fit perfectly.

Bill With over 100 hand-designed patternseach with a unique theme and visual style ranging from nature to architecture.

Next to you background music and subtle sound effects They add to the relaxing atmosphere of the game. this is the best patterned There is no scoring system or timer that allows players to enjoy the game at their own pace.

Where Cards Drop

Dare to discover the destiny the cards hold for you

Dare to discover the destiny the cards hold for you

Where Cards Drop someone else Apple arcade puzzle game with a moving story about coming of age.

At game, Build and destroy playing towers Build paths and overcome obstacles while exploring the hero’s memories.

You will also meet characters and situations that represent life’s ups and downssuch as lost friendships, new loves, and social pressure.

This the aesthetic of the game is minimalist and the music is relaxing, which creates an immersive and calm atmosphere. However puzzles are getting harder as you progress through the story.


Discover the world of colors with Tint: an image you can't miss

Discover the world of colors with Tint: an image you can’t miss

hue is another good Puzzle alternative available on Apple Arcade. you can do it here combine colors and create different tones to solve the challenges.

You can also enjoy a unique visual and audio experience. minimalist designMore than 300 levels and relaxing soundtrack.

However, don’t be fooled by its simple appearance, because the levels are getting harder and harder as you progress in the game.

Magical World

Enter a fantasy world with The Enchanted World

Enter a fantasy world with The Enchanted World

In The Enchanted World you will play the role of a young hero who must overcome obstacles and Solve 30+ puzzles to bring the magic back in this magnificent universe.

Also, animation and music is a dream come true. Best of all, you can freely explore different areasinteract with the characters and discover hidden secrets.

Simon’s Cat Story Time

Join Simons Cat on a casual story hour adventure

Join Simons Cat in a fun and challenging adventure

Simon’s Cat Story Time It is a matching game that will take you to explore unique gardens and uncover mysterious objects.

With 3000+ challenging match puzzlesyou can create special combinations and use unique parts to become the Best Cat.

In addition, the extensive story exciting twists and turnsand you can participate in tournaments to show your skills.

as you will see apple market a wide variety jigsaw puzzles what are they fun, challenging and excellent To spend time. What are you waiting for to play?

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