In the second half of 2022, Sony went to great lengths to try and fix PS5 availability issues. Luckily for them, the situation improved significantly when the Asian production chain was able to cope with the lack of components. With these issues fixed, the PlayStation 5 is now in a better position.

According to Circana (formerly NPD), a research firm known for reporting on the US video game market, The PS5 has finally managed to outsell the PlayStation 4. in the first 29 months of availability. When the current generation console came out in the midst of a pandemic, this long-awaited moment seemed unattainable to the Japanese.

However, Sony can already dream that if interest in its latest equipment continues to grow, in a few years, it could surpass the PS4’s total sales.of which there are about 120 million units.

Circana’s data is even more surprising because, we must not forget, Sony has raised the price of the PS5 in territories other than the US. However, in recent weeks increase sales through discounts or other types of promotions. It also influences the company to release high impact games such as Forbidden Horizon West And God of War Ragnarokand this allowed us to offer bundles with these titles.

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On the other hand, one cannot ignore the fact that 2023 started with one of the most anticipated releases: Hogwarts legacy. Since the PS4 and Xbox One versions had to wait longer, many players decided to buy a PS5 to enjoy it. Shortly thereafter, in addition, he arrived resident evil 4which many already consider to be the best remake of all time.

The aforementioned firm is not the only one who sees good prospects for the PS5. Sony itself pointed out in February last year that Your console is on track to break the world sales record for the first quarter of the year -which continues to support PS4-. We’ll have to wait for their next tax return to see if they’ve been successful…

Clearly, the PS5 still has a long way to go. If Sony wants to hit the bottom of the previous console, it will need to keep releasing high quality exclusive products. Launch in the second half Spiderman 2 by Marvelstarring Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Do not doubt that this name will also become promote growth sales.

Finally, the Sony calendar also suggests the appearance Factions 2new multiplayer experience Last of us. The current franchise boom driven by the HBO series will make millions of people want to play the new offering.

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