On the morning of Saturday, April 22, a traffic accident occurred on the road connecting Bogota to La Vega, in which a tourist bus was transporting. 40 passengers fell into a valley.

CityTV published the footage of the moment the driver of the Tour Star company lost control of the steering wheel and left the road.

(Continue reading: Via Bogotá-La Vega: inter-municipal bus crashed into a valley and injured 24).

When faced with this accident, Cundinamarca Fire Brigade Delegate Captain Álvaro Farfán said: “This is a tour bus of the Tour Star company, carrying 40 residents of a Christian church that was initially evaluated, 24 of which were sent to different medical centers in the region according to their complexity”.

This video is part of the investigations conducted by the authorities to determine the causes of the accident.

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Pamela Avendano

Source: Exame

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