“Worse than Pablo Escobar.”

With that expression, Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela, capo of the Cali cartel, described the so-called ‘General Man’, a mafia he accused of having great power and wanting to kill his family.

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Have Rodríguez said he is José Orlando Sánchez Cristancho, a worker who loves horses and diamonds. He said he led the Norte del Valle cartel and smuggled with Mexican drug lords.

‘Man in Overalls’ He was also accused of assaulting William Rodríguez (Miguel’s son) in the mafia and murdering Elizabeth Monyota de Sarria.‘Monita Retrechera’ accused of collecting drugs for the Samper Presidente campaign.

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With two convictions at the top, Sánchez was recently deported by the United States and has agreed to present his version of the charges against him. In an interview with EL TIEMPO, he said he was not in debt to the law, had bought a painting to contribute to Montoya’s drug collection, and was not convicted of drug trafficking.

On Friday, April 28, Deported by the United States by DEA plane or that government. I landed at 3 in the afternoon.

No never. When they deported me, they took me to an immigration prison. It went well for me because it didn’t take long. There they mistreat the Colombians and leave us to pay another fine for months.

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A total of 97 months for money laundering and real estate fraud. I was at the Federal Detention Center in Miami, South Georgia and had been in USP Atlanta for the past 5 months.. My first conviction was in 2002 for trying to launder money and I served 4 of 6 years.

TRUE. I surrendered and still the DEA gave me a indictment

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No. This is wrong. There is a lot of speculation, lies and profit. I am the son of a merchant. He lived in the United States as a young man. I got involved with drug traffickers because of my ambition. I’ve done a lot of business with them: real estate, cars, planes and diamonds.

I’m the ‘General Man’. Because of the initials of my name and in overalls in the companies we work with. But they used this reference to talk about another Orlando, not me.

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Orlando Haynaut. He’s already dead.

Of course, Gilberto was my comrade. He sponsored one of my daughters. And I met Ochoa Vásquez, Pablo (Escobar), Fernando Galeano, ‘Kiko’ Galeano. To everyone of your time and others who are still in prison. I lived in their world because I was the one who brought the best cars from the United States. From a Toyota MR2 simulating a Ferrari to the BMW M series. Mercedes, trucks… They were my best clients and they bought me luxury apartments, houses… I also had an armor factory and I made armored cars and houses for them.

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I started buying Commander turbo planes for some people who ordered from me and had no way of transacting and getting them in the United States or Europe. I bought the planes and if I knew someone needed it, I would have taken the risk and brought it.. All these people who were my friends and acquaintances were my clients. I was… sales person.

To ‘Pacho’ Herrera, to ‘Chepe’ Santa Cruz Londoño, to my very close friend Julio Fabio Urdinola, to many people.

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He said yes and that’s normal. He knew that I was his friend, not a murderer, and that I would not kill him or his family because of what he had said. Then he sent me to say ‘Sorry little brother’. I had to throw him upside down for killing the family’”.

Nothing. I was surprised that William was in prison; The Rodríguez children were always oblivious. I’ve been the target of persecution by some of the characters I chose to skip because they were alive.

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I had debts to him in different ways, but I paid them off. She was like my mother. What I tried was trying to protect her with my relationships. He was in trouble with the Cali cartel because he had ordered the death of Walter, or ‘Palestinian’, which was the key to the war against Pablo. All I did was hide him, get him out of the country, and ask for a truce.. Then other problems came when Santiago Medina (the treasurer of the Samper Presidente campaign) got involved with Ignacio Londoño, and that’s what happened.

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For me there is no queen of the south, for me Elizabeth was a very important woman in this business. He knew the stones and was a friend when he was a friend, and an enemy when he was an enemy.

a lot of people lovers out of this world and I don’t want to name names

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Yes, of course.

My receipt never showed up. I don’t remember how much I gave, but I bought a painting by a great artist in Santiago Medina.. This is my contribution.

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I prefer not to talk. I only know rumors that I don’t know.

No. I don’t have to lie. If I committed a crime, it was 2000, it was 1996, until I finished my sentence. I paid everything. They refunded me to get back my investments in the United States, charged me for what I owe and what I didn’t. They use blackmail to make you guilty.

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Alright. OK MY LOVE. But I already paid.

Well, there is information. And I prefer not to talk too much about my safety. I have a protection scheme. Also a recommendation from a major NGO for social work related to displaced people in northern Cauca and Cesar.

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