to exist cars your cars. Some are better known, more loved, and above all, more valuable than others. Among them is Ford Fiesta, one of the favorites of the American company.It has managed to sell millions of units since its launch in 1976.

This, along with Munstang and Transit, is considered one of the longest-lasting vehicles of the brand.
Therefore, the news that he was fired from the market was a surprise that touched the hearts of more than one love lover. cars

(In context: Ford Fiesta: What kind of vehicle and why will it be withdrawn from the market in 2023?).

It should be noted that the company announced in the video titled ‘Happy Dreams FordFi’ published in October 2022, thinking that it was time to close a section, and that the production of this vehicle would be stopped after 47 years of history.

“Since 1976, the Ford Fiesta has been there for countless big moments, small moments and firsts. Now, after nine generations of one of Ford’s greatest icons, it’s time to say thank you and have happy dreams for everything you’ve given us. And the Ford Fiesta has played a fundamental role in Ford’s history so far. When one chapter ends, the next one begins.

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Since then, hundreds of questions have arisen. Especially for those who plan to buy one of these models. While it is true that production will end in June 2023, its market presence could also change significantly.

Therefore, if you want to find a car for a similar price, here are some alternatives and recommendations.

Part of the Ford Fiesta’s popularity lay in the prices it commanded. They vary from time to time due to their lines and models. However, they always stayed within a similar margin.

For example, a Ford Fiesta Titanium can cost between 47,000,000 and 50,000,000 Colombian pesos, a Ford Fiesta HB could be found between 37,000,000 and 46,000,000 depending on model year and use.

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But there are other cars that can meet your needs and are close to the budget ‘FordFi’ drives. One of them is Renault Clio, Which can be found from 24,000,000 pesos if used, to 96,000,000 Colombian pesos, depending on whether it is even and completely new.

A second option would be the Suzuki Swift, a small-towner with a five-door body. Used can be found from 36,000,000 pesos, while a new one can cost 77,660,000 Colombian pesos.

But if this option doesn’t convince you, You can also consider the Hyundai i35, a South Korean car. It ranges from 35,000,000 pesos to about 47,000,000 Colombian pesos.

This one is also quite popular, as it replaced the famous ‘Elantra’ in 2011.

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Finally, The Kia Rio is another strong competitor that could be ideal if you’re considering buying a Fiesta. C.Starting at 77,990,000 if you want it to be completely new, this car is one of the most desirable and modern cars on the current market.

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