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For the first time in nearly a decade, Xbox beats PlayStation in what hurts Sony the most.


Sales of the Xbox Series S in Japan last week surpassed that of the PlayStation 5, marking the first time an Xbox console has surpassed the PlayStation in the same week since 2014. So it was the Xbox One that beat the PS4.

According to Famitsu, The Xbox Series S sold 6,120 units in the week of May 9-15.. Sales of the PlayStation 5 disc and digital versions were 2,240 and 493 units, respectively, for a total of 2,693 units. Here is our analysis.

Before launching rockets, this milestone is almost certainly due to the meager supply of PlayStation 5 consoles, since Xbox manages to have its Xbox Series S in stock, the smallest in the family.

Sony told analysts last year that the shortage of its latest console will continue into 2022. And, as we can see, this situation still remains a common trend. The data is on Famitsu.

The last time this happened was when the Xbox One first went on sale in Japan in 2014.23,562 units were sold during launch week, compared to 6,373 units for PlayStation 4 consoles sold during the same time period.


PS5 analysis, Sony’s next generation console

The Xbox brand is not as popular in Japan compared to PlayStation and Nintendo, which you can play at home. Luckily for the Phil Spencer brand, the Xbox Series X|S has already outsold the Xbox One in Japan.

Microsoft understands the importance of the Japanese market, as well as Asia in general, and says Xbox is seeing encouraging growth there.

While Xbox still has work in Japan, it does have a Japanese studio in the First Party: Tango Gameworks portfolio.. The studio recently released Ghostwire: Tokyo, but it’s currently a temporary PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Source: Computer Hoy

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