One of the most mentioned men in Soledad (Atlantico) these days is Álvaro Santander Baca Barceló, a lawyer in his 70s, with a well-known family, who has not been seen in that town for a long time.10 minutes from Barranquilla.

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Locals claim to own the best properties in the area, including Los Angeles and parts of Las Moras. In this latest megalot stands the new headquarters of the Soledad mayor, the Seine module and real estate projects with more than 5,000 residents.

In fact, Dr. Baca applied for a guardianship last August and, he says, requested that construction and title deed work be stopped on the land the family inherited from former liberal senator and former judge Diogenes Baca. Otherwise, he warns, the State and Soledad mayor will have to reimburse them with at least a billion pesos.

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But at the fifth district attorney’s office in Soledad, Dr. Baca’s story is different. There, they called three times to accuse the landlord of his alleged illegal seizure of Los Angeles.

350,000 square feet of property divided into 715 microlots marketed by a third party among the low-income population, now declaring itself as a bona fide victim and third party.

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Chief Prosecutor’s Office, Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Anti-Corruption, The Notaries and Registry Inspectorate and the National Judicial Discipline Commission have created a sort of elite body to investigate these and other cases. Almost identically detected in Cesar, Córdoba, Atlántico, Bolivar and Tolima.There are currently 19 investigations that seem to have the same pattern, in which herds of people are trying to seize private property.

“They come in groups of up to 60 and build houses with boards in less than two hours. A lawyer promises them that they will get the title deed to the land. They scratch the Police and Army with machetes on the ground and call them ‘They’re on the side of the rich, malpa…’ And they threatened us”, said farmer Jaime Ángel, who 6 days ago, with decisions in hand, police protection and Esmad’s support, managed to reclaim the La Rayita estate in Cesar, San Martín.

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Again, They cut down trees, the irrigation pipe is gone, neither scythes nor chickens. There are only videos of what happened and threats that they will be released to another realm after the elections.

The Attorney General’s Special Investigation Directorate has just filed lawsuits against officials, including mayors, public officials, and even notaries. neglect or fail to perform duties that allow or facilitate illegal occupations.

EL TIEMPO has accessed the list of victims and there are those who come from humble families and farmers. It is anonymous to business organizations and economic groups.

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Dr. In the Baca case, the local Prosecutor’s Office had been looking for him since 2021 to charge him with various crimes and was even about to prosecute him in default (absence). However, he was briefed a few days ago to make his defense, clarify the behavior he was accused of and his role in the process.

The property that got Chimney in trouble is just three blocks from Soledad City Hall and near a police station. Baca assures that he bought it from his relative Isabel Baca Ariza in September 2006. And 15 years later, in May 2021, attorney Roger Sena appears to be selling to Renhals.

The latter was responsible for putting the micro lots for sale in amounts ranging from 8 to 10 million pesos. Footage taken by a drone shows what dump trucks, bulldozers, pallets look like. 80 buildings, two hardware stores, warehouses and five fake energy points.

However, Energy is not the only disorder for the Attorney General’s Office and the Public Prosecutor’s Office that real estate business.

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One expert, Dr. He confirmed that there was a mismatched signature on the sales document that Baca displayed to prove ownership of Los Angeles: Isabel Baca’s.

Woman died in 2012 (after alleged sale), however, the file shows that a certificate that is no longer valid was used. And the notary who ‘signed’ the deed said he was not in that office that day.

Judgments and rulings of the Supernotariado recognized the Camacho Ospina family as owners of Los Angeles. His lawyers even denounced the occupation, the use of questionable documents, and the tolerance of the authorities. However, despite the lack of licenses, construction and sales continue.

Dr. Baca even received police protection on March 23, 2021.
inspector pair They declared that the Camacho Ospina family had disturbed their property.

However, last week a judge ordered construction to be halted, The felling, parceling or sale of trees as part of the safeguards requested by the law firm Pava & Díaz Arana, representative of Camacho Ospinas.

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way of working It’s obvious and pretty much the same in all cases: forged documents are notarized at notary offices, then inexplicably registered at the Public Utilities Office and submitted to Police Inspectors to obtain illegal protection. “So they usurp property from their legal owners and open the doors of the property to the organization,” said lawyer Andrés Felipe Díaz Arana.

And he added that once they’re in, they’re hard to evacuate as they have the capacity to control the land and enough capital to build buildings in a matter of days.

Protection measures for the Camachos were requested during the sentencing process, when Roger Seña was already charged with obtaining and using a forged public document, land occupation, illegal urbanization and aggravated fraud. Sena pleaded not guilty, a third party was declared in good faith, and his lawyer requested that the trial be set aside. However, the impeachment hearing will be held on July 9.

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As for Baca, he has been called three times and is reportedly expected to set a new date (see box).

The Attorney General’s Office has already launched an investigation against the mayor of Soledad, Rodolfo Ucrós; to government secretary Samir Serret; registrar of public documents at that time, and 4 more officers. And in Barranquilla it is advancing in another state.

The Supernotariado, headed by Fernanda García, intervened in the Soledad Public Utilities office in October 2021, change of plate folio information, loss of file and after detection of registration without legal requirements.

The same procedure was ordered in Barranquilla two months later. Among other irregularities, 16 site and property boundary changes and the opening of license plates or blockades were identified without legal basis.

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Investigators are now heading to Bolivar and other areas where they have reported the same cases. Public hearings put forward in the field by Attorney General Margarita Cabello.

“In Córdoba, The Vallejo, Gómez and Bianchi families continue it’s now occupied by people claiming to be indigenous, and one of them called himself governor, so they shouldn’t touch him,” says one researcher.

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Meanwhile, in Soledad, 9 people allegedly from the new owners of the land in Los Angeles filed a tutela lawsuit.

Now, as with La Rayita, a Republic judge is expected to clarify these claims and return the property to its rightful owners.

In dialogue with EL TIEMPO, litigation attorney Roger Sena assured him that he was not stealing land from anyone. He is also the legal owner of Los Angeles, where he paid close to 1,000 million pesos to Álvaro Baca.

He added that he retained the purchase contract and took over the property after police protection was approved. He stressed that he was the victim of a judicial system and was attacked for goodwill.

“I don’t know if Alvaro Baca acquired the land illegally; I bought it for him, that’s his problem,” Sena said.

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His lawyer, Darío Rendón, thinks the charge against his client will be dropped. According to him, the prosecutor 5 did not have the authority to accuse himself, because in April 2022 the official was the support of this office, not the head.

He added that Seña was not responsible for any crimes and added: “In the event of forgery in a publicly available document and its use, this will affect Baca, who is being investigated for alleged forgery of signature.”

“I’m only selling property rights because I own it and the law allows it. People can do whatever they want with parties.” Added Sena when asked about unlicensed constructions.

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Now he is preparing for the hearing on July 9, when the prosecution hopes to finalize the accusation and initiate the case.

Two of Baca’s relatives said the case regarding the Las Moras party was final. But they distanced themselves from their relatives and the Los Angeles case: “All communication has been lost and what is going on is not to our taste because the surname has taken off.”

EL TIEMPO called Baca, sent him messages with a son and the notification email he left at the courthouses. However, he did not respond until press time.


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