The video game industry is full of games that have become true works of worship, but none of them commands such reverence as ROCK. shooter first person Identification software It is appreciated not only for the fact that it includes various technical elements ahead of its time, but also for the fact that over the past 29 years it has attracted the attention of a legion of enthusiasts. hack as many devices as possible to run it.

ROCK it was released in 1993 for MS-DOS and was quickly ported to numerous platforms and operating systems. This is because the game’s source code has been in circulation since 1997, allowing it to be ported to a large number of devices; including all those not intended for the purposes gamerbut they can still run it.

It’s true that ROCK became the seed of a prolific franchise that included successful sequels and very well received reboot (plus a couple of unattractive film adaptations). However, it is likely that no other game in the series has achieved the same level of fidelity as the original.

And a prime example of this is the impressive community that keep porting the game to the most unusual devices. So what started as a meme became a very colorful hobby and it was proposed to break down the barriers to execution. ROCK on any gadget, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

In fact, on the Internet we can find endless demonstrations of “universality” ROCK. and subreddit g/itransdum Perhaps this is the highlight when it comes to bringing the community together.

ROCKa game that can be played on almost any device

If it is not yet clear that ROCK can be run on almost any device with a chip and a displayWe will try a little more.

Televisions, remote controls for drones, ATMs, printers, oscilloscopes, digital thermometers, spectrum analyzers, cameras, smartwatches, ultrasonic or ultrasonic equipment, and even pregnancy tests, among many other devices, have successfully completed the task. shooter by id Software.

If for some reason you still do not believe in this, below we will mention some of the most outstanding cases.

ROCK on a graphing calculator

One of the benefits of porting the same game over and over to countless devices is that it’s now possible. compress it to run on even the most limited hardware. This video is from 2011 and shows how it was possible to install ROCK on a graphing calculator with a black and white screen and an executable file that weighed several KB. Sure, the gameplay isn’t the smoothest (or crispest), but that hardly matters.

The real DOOM on a calculator!

To a landline phone

For many years, having a landline telephone in the home was considered a privilege in many countries. Not only because it was expensive, but also because there was no communication infrastructure. Gone are the days when surely no one imagined that it would be possible to play on such a device. However, the modernization of telephone sets also allowed ROCK carve out a place for yourself, as this shared video demonstrates @NeilBostian On Twitter.

on a digital camera

The digital photography sector has not escaped the efforts of a legion of hackers from ROCK. There are many videos on the Internet showing how the id Software game works on a wide variety of modern cameras. However, what is really remarkable is that it was also installed on a model almost as old as the game itself. You can see it in action below. Kodak DC260 since 1998with 2 inch screen.

DOOM on a Digital Camera from 1998!

In the price scanner

Another peculiar case ROCK runs on any device with a screen and a chip. Twitter user debate shared a very interesting thread that shows step by step how I manage to run an id Software game on early 2000s price reader.

The monochrome panel and AMD-provided microcontroller were enough to install the game. As in many other cases, the resolution is far from the best, but the hardware does its job.

at an ATM

It’s not something you’d see in a bank or on public roads, but it still catches the eye. ROCK it was also launched at an ATM, as shown in the video below. And while it might not sound like much—the machine is running Windows XP, after all—the experiment turned out to be especially tricky when it comes to customize controls.

Playing Doom on an ATM

Special Mention: ROCK on a pregnancy test

We conclude our review of some of the most prominent cases with a special mention of this “invention”: a pregnancy test that can perform ROCK. somewhat its developer cheated, since he did not use the original hardware, but changed some components (screen and chip), adapted them and connected the test to the keyboard to use it as a controller. However, it deserves recognition for its originality. If you want to know a little more about the process, we recommend reading this article he posted Popular Mechanics in 2020.

It is clear that it was completely arbitrary choice of the rarest gadgets in which it was installed ROCK. If you want to know a little more, you can go to the subreddit g/itransdum; there you will find a wide variety khaki related to this video game are mostly fun.

Source: Hiper Textual

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