The unknowns of the Debannhi Escobar case in Mexico continue to grow around the Nueva Castilla Motel. In the province of Nuevo León where the young woman’s body was found on April 21.

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Escobar disappeared on April 9, He was found in a cistern near the motel, which appears to have been linked to the incident and which he apparently entered. 18 years old, before his disappearance and subsequent death.

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According to Deputy Prosecutor Luis Enrique Orozco, according to Debanhi’s relatives and the authorities themselves, the young woman would have entered the motel “alone”, but in addition, she would have passed through the building, passing through different parts of the motel. your case.

A lady walking alone inside is seen entering alone.. Up close, the second camera shows Debanhi entering. Again alone, he even looks at the restaurant area, trying to visualize the interior that is abandoned and not part of the use of the property.”

Likewise, the Deputy Prosecutor announced that an investigation has been launched against people who “prevented the investigation of Debanhi’s whereabouts and whereabouts” inside the Nueva Castilla hotel.

Also, on the same Monday, the International Commission on Human Rights cited the case through its spokesperson, Omar Tavez, who claimed Debanhi had sustained blows to other parts of his body.

The family of the young woman, who exhumed the body last Saturday, claimed that they found inconsistencies in the incident and therefore went to the commission and said, “I will not stop. We will.” . We are tired of handing over our dead daughters”.

His death, caused by a deep skull crush, shocked the entire world, and there are hundreds of groups awaiting justice for the incident, hinting at a possible murder, but waiting for an explanation from the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office.


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