For some time there has been speculation about the advent of electronic ink screens that allow colors to be represented, thereby ending the limitation of grays. That moment has come, since E Ink, one of the most important companies in the industry, has presented the Gallery 3 panels that offer just that and a few more surprises that can reach consumers. Ignite.

This improvement is important for several reasons. One of them is that this kind of screen is where color is important (and one of them is comic book). Also view content on: PDF they can have fun with a better experience. But in addition, it should be noted that the new panels offer advanced options such as tactility and very high brightness, making them little jealous of what tablets have to offer. A very hopeful future.

how do you get it

It is a technology that uses a system used, as described by the manufacturer himself. four colors (cyan, magenta, white and yellow) it is possible to produce practically by combining each of the tones, which are a bit like LCD panels and according to the processor’s request. any color this is conceivable. Of course, not everything is perfect, because update times are not very fast because they stay at 350 milliseconds – but these panels are not used for gaming or watching videos.

There is one important detail to be aware of: This E Ink display is not the first electronic ink color display to exist, but it could be the one that could be. use in bulk across devices Like the Kindle (Amazon has already shown real interest in this product). This is because the predecessors were unable to display a wide range of colours, and in addition, their response times reached a maximum of 10 seconds. Come on, being able to read by turning pages on the device is absolutely useless.

An added surprise for Kindles

This has to do with the new Gallery 3 screens that will be shown at the Touch Taiwan 2022 event in Asia starting today, there is a version that has something that makes it totally unique: it has a foldable version. This is a stunning advance for an e-ink panel and could be a milestone in ebooks.

E Ink E-Ink Fold Screen

E ink

If such components are used, increase their size we’re talking about without being significantly less portable, and the fact that the reference panels E Ink shows are eight inches. The truth is that, the future this market segment very positive and by extension, what Amazon Kindle can improve.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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