Sebastian Stan He is slowly stepping away from his role as a superhero (The Winter Soldier) to share his acting track record with other viewers. The evolution of his career is appreciated because he is taking steps to distance himself from the shadow of Marvel. If he had stayed under it, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but his performance might have suffered. Freshthe latest Disney Plus movie is one of them.

This production came after his success as Pam and Tommyminiseries also developed by Disney Plus in which he plays Tommy Lee. From this black comedy to Fresh, playing Steve, a seductive doctor who approaches different girls in a way that is not so common these days: in person, without asking. On this trip, he meets Noah, who he plays Daisy Edgar-Jones.

She is a girl with a sentimental life of debt who longs to connect with someone outside of digitalization (although her main contact with men is through this space). So, Steve appears as that close, warm person at a time when she gives free rein to this kind of experience.. The plot encourages multiple themes to be explored throughout the film, which begins as a romantic comedy of sorts and ends as a horror film.

Fresh and criticism of dating apps

For years, applications such as Tinder D stumble They don’t stop growing. A friendship that says that they met this or that in one way or another, the normalization of a new way of relationship, which, nevertheless, does not cease to be questionable. On these are thrown Fresh. Without going too deep (which would be handy), the movie can be understood as a criticism of the type of relationships that can be established through the app, or the lack of consent when sharing intimate photos, leading to a kind of violence.

Noah serves as a vehicle to open this kind of debate. The film does not pretend to position itself as a critical essay on this subject, but it says enough to provoke various reflections. Especially when viewed from the female side, the most vulnerable when it comes to dating people who, apart from some reports, remain unknown. Like Steve, who presents himself as the ideal she seeks, and then, like classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, turns into something she (or anyone else) doesn’t like.

This film premiered in sundance festival during January, noted by critics. One of the reasons for this is the transformation that its main characters have experienced and, by the way, the film.

Narrative contrast and other winks

From a clean atmosphere, in the open spaces, Fresh it gradually “locks in” in smaller rooms, with less and less intense lighting. This unfamiliar couple continues to exist, but different circumstances mean they cannot be separated. With that being said, the film returns to its premise, screaming about the various risks a woman takes by going out and at the same time trying to lead a normal life.

Fresh - Sebastian Stan - Disney Plus - Crítica - Película

Mimi Cave, its director, writes a clear and effective story; may be most successful in his career. Although all of the above may indicate that Fresh it’s a tough film, it’s not in the most formal sense. Steve’s character has flashes of humor, Mollyinterpreted Jonica T. GibbsNoah’s homosexual girlfriend, works as a symbol sororitywhile the film’s outcome leads to unthinkable violence throughout much of the story.

Cave’s camera emerges from these enclosed spaces to open up a field where the violence between the parties involved is exposed, after Steve has been exposed as some sort of Hannibal Lecter modern, obsessed with female flesh. A solid allegory about machismo and today’s global society, where women continue to be a kind of prey, due to so many ceilings. In this context Fresh This is a story that resonates well with the present, if you look at it critically.

Fresh available on Disney+ from this April 15.

Source: Hiper Textual

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