Home automation is a trend that is gaining momentum globally. The use of technology at home is becoming more convenient for people and Many are interested in tools they can buy to help transform their home into the home of the future.

However, many users do not know where to start considering they are looking for economy, quality and simplicity in articles.

Here are some of the must-haves:

One of the main devices recommended to have is voice assistants. For ease of use in the first place, because they respond to commands that people send to them and perform desired actions.

alternatively popular Alexa, which can be found in Colombia for around 200,000 or 300,000 pesos. Another option is Google Home, which theoretically performs the same main function. and can be purchased for 120,000 or 180,000 pesos.
Both devices can be connected to and even controlled from other home automation devices in the house.

A few months ago, the arrival of a robot that performs the functions of a vacuum cleaner shocked the market. This device is one of the most famous for the home, and it is enough to activate it so that it begins to roam the entire available space, cleaning without much effort. Many even call the charging station at the end of their journey and automatically order themselves.

Some brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi already have these devices in their catalogs and users can purchase them by paying 600,000 pesos or more depending on their features..

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The technology manages to optimize various tools that many consider to work smoothly. Smart plugs are a good example to show how things that perform daily functions can be improved and users can get this new alternative after the arrival of this technological advancement. Its purpose is to control the devices connected to it from a mobile phone, which means more efficient consumption, which contributes to the protection of the environment. In Colombia these vouchers are available in chain stores of 70,000 pesos and above.

Security can also be strengthened in homes and home automation has been developed for these purposes. A device that can help with this is the smart smoke detector, which can be controlled from your mobile phone via bluetooth and will also generate an alarm to let you know if something is happening in your home. It can currently be purchased for around 200,000 pesos.

A few years ago the automatic operation of a light bulb, or lights in the home in general, seemed like an idea taken from fiction or a luxury hotel.

However, those who wish can now shop online or even go to a supermarket chain to purchase this technology.They cost 40,000 pesos and up, and they give you the option to control them with a remote or even a bluetooth-connected cell phone.

While installing a security system used to be a complex and expensive task, now users can purchase security devices and manage them from their mobile phones. This is also a tool that home automation provides and those who are interested They can buy cameras from various chain stores for 150,000 pesos and above. These artifacts can be placed at various points in the house and rotated for the convenience of the users.

These are some alternatives with which you can start the process of automating your home with easy-to-install devices. In addition, management from anywhere via a mobile device makes them the desired tools for those who want to start their way in the technological world.

Lina Hernandez Serrano
Technosphere Writing

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