The first five episodes of the new season of Silo have aired on Apple TV+.

In recent weeks, it has become the most talked about online and the most talked about in the US. In Russia, his ratings are also breaking records.

We have already reviewed the available series and are in a hurry to share our impressions. Has it turned out to be a new dystopia or is it another passing movie? We understand.

We don’t know anything about shelters

You are charged and found guilty of violating the fundamental laws of the community. Expressing a desire to leave the Shelter is irrevocable, no matter how immutable. Once sounded, it is final. You will be asked to clean your lenses and will be provided with the means for this procedure. But cleaning is purely voluntary. As a result, from the airlock you are outside the jurisdiction of the Shelter.

We don’t know why we’re in the Shelter. No one knows who built it. It is unknown why the world outside the hideout is the way it is. It is not known when it will be possible to be born. We only know that this day has not yet come.

This is exactly what occurs in the first scenes of the script. They will accompany us to the very end. discovered would be available in a protected area where they are not in mortal danger. A certain cataclysm happened on Earth, which destroys all life. Why try to get out there now? But after all some people seize such desire.

The plot of the picture is revealed in two parts at once.: this is both a detective story in which we are looking for a mysterious killer (he kills asylum residents out of obscurity), and a story about a dystopian state with a population of just over 10 thousand people.

In its exclusivity, the story resembles several diseases at once: Fahrenheit 451, Westworld, Lost, and Through the Snow. The paintings have book baseby which the authors discover their version of history. They stick to the source, but sometimes take various non-critical liberties. It’s a standard movie, we accept it.

So why do people study humanity? This is one of the main questions and one of the main sources of the plot. We observe, of course, a near-ideal shelter, which has its own hierarchy and even its own mayor. The bunker is divided into different classes, and the higher you are, the better. But with this turnover of power, constantly convey the idea that the work of each is very important for the common life.

In terms of protection against dystopia, on display different sides of the conflict. There are also evil powers that control the people inside and make them obedient, and there are proper works that, although they obey all orders, begin to suspect something.

There is no eternal balance in this society. Just like in the generator that feeds the bunker. As soon as one element stops working properly, the whole system will fly downhill. The same thing happens in the Shelter itself.

Throughout the storyline, the authors constantly give us bits of information that help us understand a little better what happened outside the bunker. These series very reminiscent of LOST. The same mysterious place where you don’t know what to expect.

Showrunner and screenwriter of the project Graham Yost, who previously worked on the films “Speed” and “Justice”, decided to follow the rules of the genre here. He took all the best aspects of dystopias, like Zamyatinsky’s “We”. A clear hierarchy, law and order, but at the same time a brewing boom and constant surveillance of every member of the Shelter.

The characters themselves were especially well done. Everyone, even the minor ones, has clear motivations, they maneuver along the plot and single out for themselves, the features and areas of the parties, fears, premises. Do you believe that these are living people, not empty dummy. And they play good actors who convey a wide range of emotions. My personal favorite is Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Juliet. To her want to empathizeand you constantly worry about her next “jamb” or achievement.

The creators used hackneyed tricks throughout the season and, in general, regular self-repetition. Structurally, each series does not change at all. Some may get bored, but I watched everything with great interest.

Especially fat cliffhangers are born here, which cause an active love for new events. I don’t appreciate such a decision, but this is a standard sore of most TV shows.

The visual is impressive only sometimes

sometimes we need to see a bunker in front of us, sometimes we need to demonstrate an enclosed space. It can be seen that the budget of the project is not the largest. In itself, the Discovery is drawn, and it can be seen. But the general structure of the charm does not destroy, so it does not affect the impressions.

Many viewers of family viewing ended up not liking the third series. And I do not agree with this opinion. The episode turned out of the living and filmed at a high level. You feel the tension on yourself while repairing the generator. You feel that in the future everything can collapse, and everything will end. It costs a lot.

According to the plot, there is not much in the series, but when she appears, it becomes noticeable immediately. However, this does not interfere with viewing at all.

The main bet here is still made on acting, and it is at a high level. And you can also feel the entire chamber capacity of the bunker on yourself: walls that are always squeezing from all sides, the lack of elevators, power outages and much more.

Worth a look sorry

“Discovery” turned out to be a good series with a hidden plot and excellent acting. You understand how this world works, because everything has been laid out for the viewer.

Yes, the visual is not the best, and there are no operator innovations. But okay! This did not affect the strong impression.

Yes, there are some plot holes here, but there is a chance that they will be corrected over time. There are still 5 more episodes to go. In general, so far everything has been done at a high level, if you want to put a fat like.

Recently, many different projects have come out, but there are not so many studies. Red Plus Plus is a dystopian seasoned with mysticism. All this played a big role in mass attraction.

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