The Skolkovo Foundation’s IT infrastructure has been hacked. The attack took place on the night of May 29, the company’s services are still unavailable, the press service said.

Hackers attacked Skolkovo’s IT infrastructure

It is noted that hackers were able to gain access to information systems and network resources. They hacked into a file hosting service hosted on physical premises.

“An attacker or a group of attackers posing as the Ukrainian Cyber ​​Front claimed responsibility for the attack. In addition to the hacking message itself, the hackers have made publicly available screenshots of various internal information resources, as well as individual documents.

The Fund’s IT specialists are working to restore access to sites and resources. The press service notes that this will take about a day. The Fund also reported that law enforcement officers were involved in the investigation of the incident.

Late last year, StormWall reported a sharp increase in DDoS attacks on independent exchanges in Russia.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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