The game, which is expected to be released in 2023 or 2024, is expected to surpass its legendary predecessor in many ways. Therefore, in the new installment of the series, it is planned to use blockchain technology to bring a reward system for players.

According to insider information, in GTA VI, players will be able to earn and trade cryptocurrencies in-game. It is reported that Bitcoin, one of the largest crypto assets that can be used both as a payment method and as a way to receive in-game rewards, can be included in the game.

It should be noted that the representatives of the Rockstar Games studio, which is responsible for the GTA series, have not yet made any comments on this issue.

Recall that GTA V, released in 2013, already allows players to trade on the stock market of the virtual world. True, then everything was limited only to the reality of the game.

Source: Ferra

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