The general director of the enterprise, Sergey Skorykh, said that the concern “Vega” will develop new radars for the next generation of radar satellites “Condor”.

The payload of the devices is a synthetic aperture radar developed by a Rostec manufacturer, designed to receive high and medium resolution images. Skorykh stressed that Vega fulfills its obligations for all satellites.

Currently, the concern is working on the creation of next-generation radars to “fully meet the needs of consumers of such information,” according to the CEO.

The first civilian radar device “Kondor-FKA” was launched into orbit on 27 May. The satellite will be able to take detailed images with a resolution of up to one meter and survey the earth’s surface in a band up to 100 kilometers wide, at any time of the day and in all weather conditions, including under cloudy conditions.

Source: Ferra

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