Researchers from Yu A. Gagarin Saratov State Technical University have developed an economical and safe method of water purification from metal ions and petroleum products.

The new method is based on the use of multi-layered graphene oxide, made of different proportions of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which can absorb large amounts of organic solvents and petroleum products.

To achieve this, graphite is processed by an electrochemical method and then heated, which allows it to increase in volume a thousand times. The resulting carbon foam has a high specific surface area and within one to two minutes graphene oxide reaches its maximum absorption for both water and oil. In addition, the buoyancy of the material always reaches 100%, points out project manager Elena Yakovleva, associate professor at the Department of Ecology and Technosphere Safety at the SSTU Institute of Urban Studies, Architecture and Construction.

He emphasizes that using graphene oxide is safe for both humans and the environment. Thanks to the new method, experts at gas stations, oil depots, industrial enterprises transporting oil and petroleum products, environmental control services and the Ministry of Emergencies are confident.

Source: Ferra

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