In 2015, Apple introduced System Integrity Protection (SIP) for OS X El Capitan. This system creates several layers of security that block access to system applications and their modification at the root level.

Microsoft has discovered a vulnerability called Migraine that allows SIP and code distribution on Macs. An exploit associated with the “Registration Assistant” service that allows you to transfer data from one Mac to another Windows PC.

Bypassing SIP can lead to “serious consequences,” the company says, as it gives access to all system files, making it easy for viruses and rootkits to appear. The developers changed the program settings and ran the Setup Assistant (a service for the first Mac) in debug mode to ignore the changed Burn Assistant code. So the search was found immediately by drawing attention to the “Help Assistant”.

To take the exploit even further, Microsoft has created a 1 GB Time Machine backup that may contain malware. Developer of the AppleScript engine that automatically mounted the fallback system and communicated. As a result, the Mac imported data from this malicious backup.

However, you should not worry. Apple has already fixed this vulnerability in macOS 13.4. The company also thanked Microsoft for the discovered vulnerability. [9to5]

Source: Iphones RU

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