For Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), I went to the cinema of America. You can just see, then to understand. I would like to understand better How made this testosterone animation, from which it is impossible to unstick.

Therefore, I experienced the impressions of the sequel. Doing everything at the same level is not enough. The creators had to somehow increase the effects and tricks so that people again left the hall with dilated pupils.

I’m afraid that after the first viewing of “Spider-Man: Web of Universes”, which was released on May 31, 2023, I will have to go a second time. Because the effect of an exploding bomb is definitely there, but it’s not about the new animation.

Understand correctly: from the technological side, this is an outrageous spectacle, but this time it is no longer possible to say exactly due to which visual tricks.

But it is possible to say exactly by what methods narrative (tell – nerve).

Below I give an idea of ​​what kind of attraction awaits you, why this cartoon will be studied at the university, and what you need to pay attention to when watching so that the surprise at the end does not drive you into a corner.

Good Neighbor Multiverse

FROM Spider-Man 2099, Miles learns that some events must happen in every universe… almost every

The eternal recipe for a proven story about the Spider is: how Miles or Peter balance between the life of a normal person and a superhero + a villain “of the people” with a proven personal motivation + a threat to the life of someone close to the protagonist.

Here, every element is there, but now all these “pillars” are also used as a mechanism for the “work” of the multiverse. Sounds weird, I know.

Spiderman 2099 with real name Miguel O’Hara.

He tried to explain to Miles how their multiverse works: There are events that cannot be stopped. Meeting, loss, victory. What a superhero forges. And those scenarios that every viewer of any Spider-Man knows.

If any of this prevention, the universe will literally implode.

A year later, old friends will return to Miles, but they had a reason to disappear

Miguel O’Hara became aware of this perception. He acted in the spirit of typical Rick and Morty adventures: he lost his family, found a universe where his alternate version died, but no one knew about it yet, and took her place. And very quickly this world was annihilated along with his “new” family.

This is the anchor point that causes suspicion in Miles’ subsequent decisions, and greatly influences the way he perceives it.

But what to do if the two universes are mixed so tightly that no one else can say which canons work in it, which do not?

This confusion in internal rules, however, does not prevent the plot from being coherent. After the session, you leave with a clear understanding of what happened, how it happened and, most importantly, Where everything happened.

Sony tells how to hold before frequency

Miles’ first meeting with the main villain… the third part, which will take place in 2024

Barrier of the first minute, when viewers need to be drawn into an ambush, jump over an explosive and emotional cut of a turning point in Gwen Stacy’s life. In terms of the script, in the first episode she appeared out of nowhere, and in the second we are kicked open the door to her personal history and motives that visited Miles in the main plot.

Her story mirrors one of Spider-Man’s canons. And due to the fact that no more than three minutes pass from the opening credits to the climax, it is difficult to predict such a move in accumulation. That is, the creators from the very beginning give a surprise in the form of a spectacular drama that will play a role in the last third of the film.

Gwen is carrying a heavy load from the past and is not ready for immigrants

Such a short but intense intro not only keeps people living on clips, reels and tiktoks, but also subconsciously hints: you just saw a powerful short film with a pungent aftertaste of injustice, and this is only the beginning.

After this opening scene, the buildup begins from Miles Morales’ perspective. He’s grown up by a year, fighting villains, and accepting his role as Spider-Man.

Here the pace gradually decreases so as not to overheat the brains. While we get to know his main villains through a comical battle with Miles, juicy and resourceful portal fights begin to be interspersed with Spider’s unnerving setting in the head teacher’s office.

Artists squeeze the maximum dynamics out of each frame where necessary

So confident through the pace with the audience there will be a lot of dialogue. The points are correctly placed so that it is not boring, but there is also no advantage in dynamic segments.

Moreover, piercing meditative scenes with reasoning about the place in life and the right choice in conflict with loved ones have been preserved. They can now definitely be remembered from this series of animated films. They are exactly when you need a breather from the crazy action.

This is hardly a spoiler, I especially like the dialogue between Miles’ father and Miles himself in the Spider suit. Just in terms of aesthetics. This, although interesting, is a frequent plot device in this franchise, and there were only two things to freshen it up: a new topic for conversation and a proposal.

With two tricks, we see the subtle thin subtle soul of father and son, the effect of which is complemented by masterful composition and incredibly balanced art between animation and illustration.

Every world has its own style

Indian Spiderman in Mummbatan

In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, there was a moment when Miles flies through alternate universes for the first time, each of which was done in a different style.

Remember the wild desire to look into them longer? Here they give us to do this at least five times.

Gwen’s world is in pastel colors, and everything but the character itself is relegated to impressionism. environment storytelling: world through the background breathes emotions.

When Gwen is lost, the walls and furniture are barely visible, a dry pale green hue. When her father is devastated, the same walls are black, scribbled. As they both begin to feel calm and in love, the shells are enveloped in pink and pearly feelings.

Gwen when her father has severe stress

But this method is not found anywhere else in the universes. This helps not to get confused about who is where and gives the viewer a narrative point of reference.

Another India-style New York is called Mumbettan. The local Spider is irresistible in his sweetness, but keeps to the humor inherent in the character. And the city looks like multiplied into a hundred megacities with skyscrapers one on top of the other.

The artists perfectly conveyed the dense population of Mumbai and the endless development transferred to the United States.

And the global events that take place in this city are stylistically sustained in a way that they are not pronounced anywhere else: gigantic structures collapse into the endless nature of the city, Miles flies in confusion down a dozen spans of narrow streets, although there is nowhere to fly, people walk around each other over the head.

They continue to combine the styles of heroes and villains from different universes. Waiting for Spider-Man 2099 to fight the Da Vinci Goblin

Such a change of worlds is kept in good shape and does not allow the eye to blur. It is always easy to understand which part of the story a scene belongs to.

The characters also adapt to the style. Sometimes their appearance and musical accompaniment evolves with them.

The “spot”, which is manifested by the main antagonist (but not noticeably in this part) is the accuracy of disappearing into the background, but the more it subsides in the plot, the more eerie it appears outwardly and audibly.

Packed with cameos, references and echoes

Spiderman Ben Bailey

Classic cobweb machine grip

“Spider-Man punished?”

The third moment that plays right with the viewer is the eating of the thread from the collective past.

There will be a couple of nice scenes from meetings about Spider-Man of different genres.

According to the plot of the fight, there will be camera angles from films, like a taxi stop with a web from Spider-Man 3: The Enemy in Reflection.

To Gwen’s question “Miles punished? Spiderman? from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Then the legendary villains, the scene with the subway stop or the meme with the addition of spiders on top of each other will be played as a joke.

I even added a couple of spiders from Sony games, which was not a surprise, but it definitely became a bonus ability.

I will say more, these examples are not the most juicy. The most juicy appear themselves;)

The film reached the level of Pixar

In one of the meditative dialogues, Miles’ mother tells him: “You are leaving your home, in which everyone loved and protected Miles’s child. I release you on the condition that now big Miles will love and protect him instead of us.

This advice is rarely heard in real life, and so it was a big surprise for me to expect extremely healthy and highly reflective advice in an expensive blockbuster.

Here the picture comes on the fifth work of Pixar for a reason: one of the directors (Kemp Powers) previously worked on the film Soul.

Skill at the right moment between savory fights and heroism inserts extremely subtle moments of the relationship between children and parents even more secures the position in the status of the best this year.

They jumped over their heads not where everyone was waiting

An interesting technique with turning the characters up during a serious conversation. To give surrealism, under the weight

Many viewers do not read comics and do not know the original source. They don’t want to find out in dozens, hundreds and thousands of issues in order to tie the plot into a coherent story.

And at the same time, the cartoon will confuse few people. The structure and development of the film is easy to remember.

And thanks to the painstaking work of the creators to make everyone become settled, Spider-Man: The Web in Others will be an anthology on working with the multiverse for the general public in a two-hour movie format.

So the second part surprise again.

Miguel O’Hara or Spiderman 2099 in Earth 928

The film expanded visual animation approaches, but knew that this would not be enough. Lego and live action scenes.

The second – and main – pillar, capable of overshadowing the first part, became slender and based on a plot, which was more difficult to think through in the world from the side of the worlds.

The stories fit together, the whole picture. The scale paints certain strokes with a visual description of the different worlds, while the frame holds on to familiar elements of the story of the spider: New York, the family of Peter and Mylaz, Gwen and Jane, the difficulty of connecting a human life and a superhero, a bitter loss, the struggle to try not to become a villain (because some of the spiders are still not expanded 😏). And the content of these worlds is being completed in our heads.

We already see the Citadel of Ricky and Morty, where Ricky and Morty from different universes live. Such an idea should not surprise here either, but the exposition. The filmmakers are much more subtle written by different spiders and cleverly handed out archetypes to them so that we can crystal clear the motivation of each.

Villain Blur evolves from a bumbling idiot into a chilling monster, but fades into the background for a triquel

Artists clearly demarcated the worlds and thereby facilitated our perception of history.

And, of course, they added volume to the villains, both in motivation and in the narrative, which arose on the basis of history.

Everyone who stands in the way of Morales is personally connected to him, and this deprives the plot, who wonders “why did Miles get involved in this at all?”.

The difficult balance applies to everything else. In the story, a full cameo in the form of Easter eggs. But they are not knitted into the plot and do not even give them a hint of influence.

Situational humor, which pleases children, is becoming less. I think two moments when they laughed. And that’s because the montage told them to do it.

Towards the end you will be fooled and you will love it. And this lie has been going on since the first cartoon. And then they will deceive again and make them wait another year to get an answer to the question of who is to blame.

Hall stood on the ears from misunderstanding, as it is already so that everything is over.

Most importantly, when the end credits start abruptly, remember what you were told in the first trailer: “Part 1.”

Sony is very confident in the success of this film and therefore boldly cuts it off in order to continue the third with pomp.

PS There are no post-credits scenes. There is only a third movie title, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, due out March 29, 2024.

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