There have been many comments that there is very little left for the new folding. SAMSUNG They’re close to being announced and will likely be the first to use Qualcomm’s most powerful processor. But there is a surprise guest Motorola it has a screen that can change the situation and is also foldable.

The reason I say this is because a banner It is clear that the terminal we are talking about aims to make life difficult for the Galaxy Z of the Korean company. And of course he will succeed. In the meantime, knowledge is coming his way ShenjiOne of Motorola’s most important directors and responsible for sharing the image we are talking about .

A poster that clarifies a few things

First, there is a hidden Easter egg, as reported in the message of the social network Weibo, where the information we mentioned was first seen. And the truth is, they didn’t go too far to hide it, as it was visible in the lower part of the light beam seen in the center. view a bent device. And so they clearly refer to the new Razr foldable range that the manufacturer has. As a result, for the Samsung models we are talking about directly, and for the folding models from other manufacturers, such as Xiaomi or Huawei.

Motorola Razr3 Poster


Another thing that is clearly appreciated is the processor used by the new terminal, which will be none other than the new terminal. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. This means that the North American manufacturer will use the model it announced today, and many thoughts will be put to the market by the Galaxy Z… As it turns out, and if Motorola does hurry – and it looks – well, the Razr 3 has the honor of being the first officially unveiled to use it. In this way a impact strike That would have caught Samsung’s attention. Good move if complete.

Does this processor have major advantages? The truth is, yes, because among other things four nanometer technology among other things this gives a better distribution despite the increase in power (this is 10% better overall as it is in both graphics and information management).

Other known things about Motorola Razr 3

Among the known things is that this model will have an open AMOLED display. 6.7 inches with 120 Hz frequency, the outer one grows up to three o’clock so that it is more useful. In addition, the new device will have a main camera with lords. 50 + 13 megapixels And of course the operating system will be Android. The likely release date is aiming for the end of July, so it’s not too far off.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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