In the beeline of models, there is a promotion for popular Infinix smartphones.

When buying a promotional kit, the discount on the device can be up to 55%. They also give bonus rubles that can be spent on communication services.

One of the most interesting options was the Infinix HOT 30i with a 5.56-inch size, 8 GB of RAM and a capacious 5000 mAh battery. The built-in battery allows you to use your smartphone for several days without recharging.

According to the terms of the beeline, buying Infinix HOT 30i, its effectiveness for 9,990 rubles with a benefit of 5,495 rubles (55% discount).

In addition, within the framework of the promotion, an opportunity is provided for “Rubles for shares for a promotion” for 18 months: additional funds are calculated, which are credited to the balance of money.

The promotion is valid at Beeline sales and service offices until June 15, 2023. New subscribers of the operator are given free SIM-cards, they are not included in the promotional package.


Source: Iphones RU

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