Surprise! ‘No Man’s Sky’ is now available for Mac and maybe Reality Pro

Hello Games has officially announced that No Man’s Sky will be released on Steam for Mac.

No Man’s Sky is already not optimized for macOS

As we predicted a few days ago, a version of the developer company Hello Games has been released. No Man’s Sky for on Steam Match and it can be downloaded now. The action and survival game comes with an exciting launch trailer that we’ll add below, and a host of improvements to adapt it to macOS.

But that’s not all. There might be more… According to Sean Murray, creator of No Man’s Sky, we have a little surprise in store “in the VERY near future”… This seems to indicate that No Man’s Sky will also be available on xrOS. The operating system for Reality Pro, which will be available soon at WWDC in 2023.

No Man’s Sky is now available on Steam for Mac users

A few days ago, Sean Murray indirectly announced the release of No Man’s Sky by giving a small hint in the form of an apple emoji on Twitter. Now that it’s fulfilled, it leaves us with another pearl that shows that No Man’s Sky is also coming in virtual reality format for Apple Reality Pro.

In addition to being proud of his team for the last two game updates, he tweeted, excite The release of No Man’s Sky for Mac and another interesting surprise…

“We have a little something to come and then another surprise in the VERY near future. The roadmap for next year is going to be very busy, there is so much to do.”

How to Download No Man’s Sky for Mac

No Man’s Sky has been updated with enhanced high performance, optimized loading, Metal 3 graphics support, MetalFX Spatial & Temporal effects, and compatibility with Apple Silicon and Intel processors.

You can download No Man’s Sky from Steam.

The game page details that the game is already compatible with virtual reality, so everything suggests we could see a teaser of No Man’s Sky during the presentation of Apple’s new mixed reality glasses at WWDC in 2023.

This isn’t the first time Hello Games has collaborated with Apple on a project. In fact, the developer company of the video game industry had published the game before. Joe Danger In the App Store and called a title for Apple Arcade The Last Campfire.

Source: i Padizate

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