As is known, the NASA Space Shuttle program (1972-2011) was overshadowed by the death of two shuttles along with the crews – Challenger (1986) and Columbia (2003). However, many years later, it became apparent that the American astronauts survived, and there was not, since NASA never had a chance of salvation.

So, the first time I started/posted, there was… a self-contained orbital position. Moreover, before the Challenger disaster, the crew generally wore spacesuits.

Everything was limited to the emergence of a prototype rescue ball – an individual rescue corps (PRE) for rescuing astronauts, which remained in the form of a prototype.

Personal Rescue Corps

PRE can be used with a small crampon consumed per crew member, made from three layers of fabric – urethane, kevlar and thermal protection. It was possible to get inside through the zippered inlet with the help of another crew member.

PRE was developed for the case when not all mission participants were provided with spacesuits. With the help of it, the evacuation of astronauts from emergency rescue is used on the rescue chat that arrived from Earth. To do this, a special cable had to be pulled between them, the PRE would have walked and moved. In this case, the rescue ball was equipped with a cylinder with an air supply of 0.33 cubic meters.

After the evacuation, the PRE had to return to the emergency shuttle by a spacesuit-wearing rescue astronaut to evacuate the real crew member. Obviously, in an extreme situation, such a rescue system would be useless.

Today, astronauts on the ISS working in space are equipped with jetpacks (SAFER), with which they can return to the ISS even if the insurance cable.

Source: Tech Cult

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