Like any other app or social network, Instagram and WhatsApp are at risk of going offline on a daily basis. There are many reasons, but the main reason related to problems with global servers themselveswhere the software database is hosted.

However, there are other reasons why both apps are offline. As with Telegram recently, they can be caused by excessive traffic on the servers, a specific incident, or even legal issues.

To help you better understand the problem today Technology World It shows the main reasons why WhatsApp and Instagram are down. Check out!

1 – Problem with global servers

Most of the time the reason why Instagram or WhatsApp is not working is a problem with their servers. They are very variable as it could be a simple error in the application code or even a serious malfunction of some hardware or other physical parts of the machines.

In either case, Meta, the company responsible for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is unlikely to make a more detailed public statement. It just solves the problem and informs its users through other social networks.

2 – Very high traffic

Another problem that affects most online applications is excessive network traffic. Despite everything, There are no reports that both WhatsApp and Instagram are suffering from this issue.which is more common than you might think.

Excessive traffic can also disable apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

However, for a specific reason, such as a live event broadcast on the network or even a campaign at a particular time, it can cause heavy traffic on the apps’ networks. However, there may be a slowdown or even a software crash when using them.

3 – Suspension by court order

While rare, social media crashes can be a question of fairness. Whatsapp, for example, was blocked four times by court orders between 2015 and 2016 and was taken down nationwide.

The first took place in February 2015. At that time, the Piauí Judge ordered that the app be suspended in the national territory due to WhatsApp’s refusal to provide information for a police investigation. However, a judge from the same district overturned the mandate and the practice was not taken down in Brazil.

Brazilian justice is already responsible for blocking WhatsApp in Brazil.

In May 2016, the Sergipe Court of Justice ruled that WhatsApp would go offline for 72 hours in addition to a fine of BRL 500,000 if the company responsible for the implementation did not comply. Even the blockade requested by the Federal Police took place, but did not last for the entire period set by the Public Ministry.

While WhatsApp has never been subject to judicial blockages since this lawsuit in 2016, Telegram was offline this year, or rather in April, due to a court order. This was because the company responsible for the app did not provide data on neo-Nazis joining groups in the messaging app.

So this shows that Meta’s software is also not immune from sanctions if it doesn’t comply with the court order.

How do I know if Instagram and/or WhatsApp are down?

To find out if apps like WhatsApp or Instagram are closed, You can access the Down Detector website. In it it is possible to check the status of servers of online portals and applications. If any of these have a stagnant graphic, that’s an indication that the service is temporarily down.

In Down Detector you can view the traffic of a website or application in real time and check if it is online.

A much simpler way to check if apps are closed is to check Twitter. The rival social network is notorious for discussing topics in real time, so every time Instagram or WhatsApp crashes, they quickly put an end to Trending Topics, which are the most commented topics of the moment on the platform.

Now that you know the reasons and how to check the status of the Instagram and WhatsApp servers, you no longer need to despair when you see apps ‘crashing’.

Source: Tec Mundo

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