A lens-free camera that generates images from location data and artificial intelligence was presented earlier this week by a Dutch artist named Bjørn Karmann. Named Paragraphica, this is probably the first non-optical camera in history..

This is because instead of using light to refine a film frame or a digital sensor, the device only feeds location data and artificial intelligence. On the camera body, the viewfinder does not show images, but shows real-time annotation details of the current location. When the shutter is released, it creates a scintigraphic representation of the annotation.

Finally, three physical dials allow you to control data and AI parameters to calibrate and “focus” the photo as you would with conventional cameras. in reality, this kind of operation would even preclude the existence of strange hardware.but the retro design, besides being fun, takes us directly Star wars.

How does the Paragraphica AI camera work?

Functionally, the camera developed by Bjørn Karmann is a Raspberry Pi 4, an accessory specially designed for use with the famous single board computer popular with programming and technology students. In his project, Karmann placed a Pi module inside a 3D-printed case along with other electronic components.

Outside, he installed a touchscreen-operated on-screen viewer to receive input commands. Location uses a common GPS module. Paragraphica’s software was written by Karmann himself and consists of: A combination of Python and Stable Diffusion interface. A visual toolset called Noodl completes it.

If you are interested in creating your own Paragraphica, a diagram is available on the project website. You can also try the virtual trial version on your own computer.

Source: Tec Mundo

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