Oncologist and surgeon Ivan Karasev has compiled a list of the five groups of people at highest risk of developing cancer.

Those with human papillomavirus (HPV), Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis B or C are at risk in fifth place, according to his telegram post. Under adverse conditions, HPV can cause cervical cancer, Epstein-Barr – dangerous diseases of the nasopharynx and stomach, and in some cases hepatitis can lead to liver cancer.

A special group at high risk of cancer are people who have come into contact with toxic or radioactive materials, and people who have a close relative with cancer.

“The most inherited cancers include breast, uterine and gastrointestinal cancers. Such people already have a gene that predisposes them to mutations from birth,” the doctor explained.

Experts remind that there is no safe dose of alcohol. Drinking alcohol poses a health risk. This risk increases severalfold if alcohol consumption is combined with smoking.

“Nicotine and alcohol adversely affect the body as a whole, which increases the risk of developing all kinds of cancer,” said Ivan Karasev.

In addition, there is a risk factor that no one can prevent – with age, the ability of cells to reproduce correctly decreases significantly. Therefore, a large number of cancer cases occur in the elderly.

“However, starting from the age of 30-40, you can reduce the risks and experience old age without any problems,” said the doctor, emphasizing the importance of being examined on time.

Source: Ferra

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