On Monday, the 5th Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple’s annual conference for developers, was the keynote. During the event, the company announced several innovations for Apple’s operating systems, such as chips, devices, and resources. macOS Sonoma.

For the new desktop operating system, the Cupertino company new support for desktop widgetsaims to increase user productivity. The new feature allows you to scroll through various information such as weather updates, calendar, and even access your iPhone’s widgets directly from your Mac.

Among the news:

  • Wallpapers: screensavers now accept motion pictures that can be used as wallpaper;
  • video conferences: the app gains new presentation modes, effects and reactions;
  • Safari: Apple’s browser gets new security features with Private Browsing; Further personalization of the experience using profiles; Creation of Web Applications.

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Apple announces Game Mode

Apple has announced Game Mode, or game mode, as a highlight of the new features of macOS 14. system prioritizes CPU and GPU power for better hardware performance while gaming.

The new Game Mode provides an optimized experience with smoother frame rates and lower latency on devices connected via Bluetooth.

According to the company, the new mode also optimizes the frame rate, making it more fluid and consistent. Plus, Apple has even doubled the Bluetooth sampling rate — Reducing latency of devices like Xbox and PlayStation controllersFor example.

The company also brought in Hideo Kojima, best known for the famous Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid series, to announce the arrival of the Death Stranding Director’s Cut for the platform. This move demonstrates the company’s efforts. increase the catalog of available games Compatible with Apple’s operating system.

Source: Tec Mundo

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