The mobile operating system for the iPhone presented at WWDC 2023 raised a lot of questions and complaints.

Users did not appreciate a significant number of changes in iOS 17. There are practically no external differences from the significant version, and there are few technical updates.

On June 5, the first beta version of iOS 17 was released to authorized businesses. We have already studied it and are in a hurry to find out what exactly is new to expect.


  • ▪ Lock screen
    ▪ Desktop and Control Center
    ▪ Safari
    ▪ Keyboard
    ▪ iMessage and Mail
    ▪ Contacts and Phone
    ▪ Notes
    ▪ Apple Music
    ▪ Siri
    ▪ Universal access and health
    ▪ And little things

Screen lock

1.Mode Expectation. This is a central change in both the entire system and the closure in particular.

Now when turning connected to an outlet iPhone in landscape orientation includes a new interface in the style of smart screens. It displays various widgets. At the moment there are few of them: clock, calendar, reminders, events and weather.


By swiping left-right, you can choose the style of displaying widgets.


2. Notifications in landscape mode. Now they are displayed in the same way as in normal mode, only for the entire width of the screen.

3. Player on lock padlock. Now the data from the player is wrapped in landscape mode.


Full load control is available for both video and music: scrolling, loading, pause and volume control. If necessary, the player can be minimized.

4. Activity detection against iPhone. Control is not monitored in sleep mode if you see yourself using the device. There is also a night mode.

5. Live events. This feature is also available in full screen mode.

You can be constantly in real time, such as evaluating a game or the progress of a food delivery.

6. Siri on standby. The voice assistant displayed the iPhone in landscape mode.


For example, a news report or the weather.

7. On the lock display, you can change the font thickness. Customization has expanded a bit.

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Desktop and Item Management

8. Interactive Widgets. Widgets now happen, which can happen as a result of the interaction.


For example, in Apple Music, switch tracks or set an accusation, pause, and in the App Store, select relevant articles with applications.

9. Updated Spotlight Search. Now you can run the commands you created in it.

10. Camera effect settings. Now you can activate one or three effects for applications, which can be immediately used for the camera.


In particular, activate the studio light, portrait mode and add reactions. The last point only works with FaceTime. The first two are configured with sliders.

11. New wallpapers! Vital things are usually, so far.

Also added are several variations of Kaleidoscope and four new planetary senses – Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter.

12. Search Apple Watch by Sound. Added a new icon to the Control Center.

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13. Incognito mode with Face ID.

Private Access requires authentication with Face ID or a password. This means that anyone who takes your unlocked iPhone will not be able to see what is contained in the incognito tab.

14. Security improvements. “Private Access” completely blocks the loading of trackers on site pages and tracking added to URLs while browsing increases privacy. Sites cannot be modified or altered with add-ons.

Plus, Apple also offers advanced controls. In the incognito protocol, they need to be looked at separately.

15. Updated tabs. The tab interface has been redesigned a bit.

16. New sections with profiles. There are now 4 categories available: Private, Regular Tabs, Test and Blank.


The last two work like the main one. Read this division into several groups of open tabs.

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17. New input system. Apple: typed headroom loss model. Apple has officially announced that autocorrect will now remember and better understand what you want to enter.

While not perfect, some words may be misspelled. Swipe works stably.

18. Insert disputes and passwords. iOS 17 allows you to paste contacts and passwords into any text field. Submenu opens by pressing for the second second Insert.

19. New magnifying glass on text selection. Now it is even larger, you can better see the movement of the slider on it.

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iMessage and Mail

20. New button to manage iMessage apps. All available applications have been included in it, now they do not contain an additional line under the input field.


Applications are distributed by swiping up and down.

21. “In touch”. A new feature that allows you to notify a person when they arrive at a specific location.


If you give permission for this, it may happen in the future.

22. Quick reply to a message. If you need to answer a request, just go to the right of it and write the answer.


Correspondence will be available separately.

23. Share location. Now you can share your geolocation with a person or request it from the interlocutor.

24. Audio description. iMessage voice messages can now appear in text messages. To do this, under the message start button decipher.

25. Separate sticker menu. In the drop-down menu on the “+” note, you can open a separate tab containing all your observations of the stickers.

26. Instant stickers. Click and hold an object in a photo and drag it to iMessages. It automatically turns into a sticker.

27. Obscene content. On the menu Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Obscene or inappropriate content warning handy tumbler.

In this case, any message that may present suspicious content will be hidden. A special plate is provided directly on it.

28. Clear codes. iOS 17 has a new feature to clear codes.
It is enabled separately in the menu Settings -> Passwords -> Password options and is called Automatic cleaning. The bottom line is that the automatic message processing function contains confirmation codes for sites and applications.

This applies to SMS, iMessage, and Mail apps. As soon as you enter the code, the iPhone will erase it from the device.

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Contacts and Phone

29. New contact cover. Now it is full screen. Try using your favorite photo or Memoji, and pair it with a stern font. Then add some color to complete the image.

30. New dialer interface. It has slightly changed the design and implications of a poster intent created by another user. To do this, he must share it with his contacts.


31. Live voicemail. This is a smart auto-responder that immediately found you the text version of the message being recorded. It appears as you write.

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32. PDF support. You can use these files directly in the Notes app.

33. Links to other notes. Now you can use links in the text of notes to third-party resources and notes from your list.

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Apple Music

34. Smooth transition. Added the long-awaited feature of smooth transition from one track to another. The finale of the first composition is muted, while the second one gradually increases.

35. AirPods. The interface now supports dark theme.

36. Redesigned Impact. Clean visual, minimal changes.

37. New look for covers. Now it is fully animated for rare tracks, not available for all tracks.

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38. No more “Hey Siri”. Alas, the opportunity is available only in Russian. Whether there will be others is still unknown. Only one language is listed on Apple’s official website.

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face time

39. Now you can trigger various animations with gestures. Added an option that fills frames with 3D augmented reality effects like hearts, confetti, fireworks and more.

40. Video message. You can now leave a video or audio response if someone missed your FaceTime call.

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Universal access and health

41. Personal voice. The function allows the iPhone to voice your products with its own voice. For this early group, voice recording lasts at least 15 minutes. In the course of this, it is necessary to conceive a set of phrases that will appear on the screen.

The feature will keep the time of FaceTime calls, regular phone calls, or external communication apps.

42. Easy Access. This is a kind of “grandmother mode”. In addition, in patients with hypersensitivity to food additives.


You can independently set which functions to launch those other programs. What conditions and how they will come.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to take screenshots of the highest position.

43. Mood Tracker. Apple has added a new feature to the Health app for iOS 17.

It is called Records of emotions and moods. The user can use data about their feelings to better understand mental well-being.

In the application, you can specify what kind of mood you are in: from very unpleasant to very pleasant. And also add it in more detail by choosing among the available parameters, such as sadness, excitement, and so on.

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And little things

44. You can now share your AirTag location. Apple allowed to collect data about the arrival of AirTag in the Latitude application with other users.

In particular, you can share the location of the tag so that other people can also follow it. In addition, now the tracking rule is disabled when using “tag” sharing.

45. iPhone owners are looking for the Apple TV 4K Siri Remote. The new feature is part of tvOS 17. Find a remote that’s just right for your iPhone’s Control Center.

After that, I tested an interface showing a circle that gradually increased as I approached the console.

46. ​​Save map tiles offline. You can now select a highlighted area on the map in the app and download it for offline viewing.

Russia function is not available.

47. Autocrop in “Photo”. Now, when you open a photo area in the Photos app, the system automatically suggests cropping those areas around the edges.

48. Easy Interface Changes in the Photos App. The lower icons have changed, they are a little smaller and thinner. Arrows to go back and move up.


49. Copy Multiple Links in Safari. At the bottom of the screen, you need to lock the Tab settings, then you will be able to install all open links in the browser.

They are inserted in a column.

So far, these are all the changes that we have found in the perception system. The article will be gradually supplemented.

We didn’t use some of the features that are officially available for testers, like the updated AirDrop.

Did you find something else? Report it as a result. Let everyone know!

Source: Iphones RU

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