We managed to get an average of 84 fps (with RX 7600) and 135 fps (with RTX 4060) on DX12 in Resident Evil 4 Remake and with the Prioritize preset, FXAA + TAA, Ray-Tracing turned off at 1080p. Ti), 1440p – 57 fps and 93 fps, respectively, FSR2 Quality – 73 fps and 120 fps at 1440p.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II launched with ultra preset SMAA T2X and DX12. The average frame rate in Full HD was 131 fps with the RX 7600 graphics card, 120 fps with the RTX 4060 Ti, 87 and 84 fps at 1440p, and 119 fps and 114 fps at 1440p with DLSS / FSR2 Quality. .

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla came with Ultra High preset, 100% Scale and DX12. This game averaged 104 fps and 116 fps at 1080p (with RX 7600 and RTX 4060 Ti respectively), 74 fps and 91 fps at 1440p, 98 fps at 1440p with FSR1 Quality and 112 fps.

Average FPS in Full HD in Red Dead Redemption 2 with Max preset, textures and shadows Ultra, TAA was 82 fps (RX 7600) and 94 fps (RTX 4060 Ti) on DX12. We managed to average 64fps and 74fps at 1440p, respectively, and 77fps and 87fps at 1440p with DLSS/FSR2 Quality.

Worked with Forza Horizon 5, Extreme graphics settings and DX12. Average performance in this game was 95 fps (with RX 7600) and 133 fps (with RTX 4060 Ti) at 1080p, 77 fps and 110 fps at 1440p.

You can see the other dimensions below.

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Of all the 20 projects in Full HD and 1440p resolution, the RTX 4060 Ti was the best. The difference with the RX 7600 was 21% (1080p) and 22% (1440p).

Features of gaming computers:

  • Processor Ryzen 7 7800X3D;
  • motherboard MSI X670-P Professional WiFi;
  • data store DDR5 6000MHz CL36 2x16GB;
  • power unit Corsair RM1000X;
  • OS Windows 11 22H2 (Inflated);
  • video card Gigabyte RTX 4060 Ti Gaming OC/Sapphire RX 7600 Pulse.

Source: Ferra

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