Due to the risk of sanctions, Armenian, Kazakh and Hong Kong banks began to block payment for Russian legal entities servers, chips, processors, telecommunication equipment and other electronic devices. Write about this “Kommersant”.

Russian electronics suppliers have problems with some foreign banks

The trend is observed after the introduction of the 10th package of US sanctions, which provides for the possibility of introducing restrictive measures against banks cooperating with the Russian Federation. The restrictions apply, among other things, to any provision of funds, goods or services to or from a blocked person.

The interlocutor of the publication said that now local companies will have to import components for the production of electronics under the “alternative” TN VED codes. In addition, the equipment can be supplied assembled.

Another source of “Kommersant” said that the payment block is caused by the supply of the latest generation telecommunications equipment, as well as storage systems and servers. The Central Bank explained that “compliance procedures for specific foreign banks depend on their internal policies and in different periods may be characterized by varying degrees of rigidity.”


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Source: RB

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